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Hey everyone! I'm just wondering... of those of you who use Spark, is there a way to pull a link to a specific email? I'd like to copy a link to an email so that I can archive it while pasting a link to a specific task that lives in Omnifocus. Thanks for any help!

Hey Power User Friends!

A friend of mine has asked for advice on whether to get the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Pro 9.7. She is not a power user so it would seem that an Air 2 would suit her needs. However, we're concerned that it won't last as long, or be as relevant, as the Pro in the years to come. Of course the Pro will be around longer and may even receive features specific to the Pro line, but will the Air 2 be around/relevant in 3-5 years? Essentially it's that 'bang for the buck' decision. Have any of you had to make this decision? What would you advise? Thanks so much!

Hey there! So surely like everyone else, I'm having a blast playing with messages in ios10. Prior to the update I didn't have messages syncing to my iPad, but figured I'd try it out with all the new features. I'm so bummed that I can't toggle the left sidebar in messages so I can see a specific message in full screen. Am I missing something? I've googled quite a bit and can't find a solution to this. Thanks for any help! 

Hey everyone, could someone please help me with finding a solution to the issue of GPS not working after iOS 9.0.2 update? Have tried all the resetting solutions and even took to the Genius Bar. The technician reset the phone, but still not working. Seems like a hardware issue. Am no longer covered by Apple Care so will need to buy a new phone. Is Apple really allowing me the perception that their updates can break the hardware of phones and then not replace them? Am trying not to feel utterly disappointed, but this isn't looking good. Thanks!

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I'm currently going through a time of major transition and am feeling a great deal of imbalance. This short piece about finding my reset button is wonderfully timed. Are you also in need of pressing the reset button to get back to your center?

Hey everyone! So my Peace Corps friend working here in Botswana with me just updated her iPod 5 to ios9. Well, the update took just 5 minutes (took about 2 hours on my iPhone 5). Needless to say, after the update, the iPod kept restarting and ultimately got stuck in a restart loop and never went to the full homescreen. I tried putting the iPod in restore mode and updating (as to not lose data, photos, etc.). After 12 hours of downloading, we woke up to the phone still stuck in the restart loop. I put it back in restore mode and tried updating again, but it went into redownloading the software. I've now selected to restore and it's downloading the software update again. I'm afraid that after the hours of downloading, the iPod will go out of restore mode (which it has) and we'll keep having to go through the same steps with no new options. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Angelina Jolie gave such a powerful speech at the biannual African Union Summit to draw attention to women's rights across the globe. 

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Hey, everyone! I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me fix a friend's 2011 MacBook Pro. We're both serving abroad in Botswana so our only hope for solving technical issues lies in our ability to find the right resources online.

Generally speaking, the MBP is a nightmare. It runs very slow, takes about 2 minutes to boot up, pinwheel constantly, and it's far clitchier than any other Mac I've used. She has plenty of free space on her computer so it's not a storage issue.

My friend is not a friend of technology and I feel terrible that she's having such a lousy experience with her Mac. I'm merely an enthusiast so my abilities are very limited. Because of my shortcomings the only thing I can think to do is to backup everything and restore her computer (wipe it). Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I'm so honored to be able to work with such incredibly inspiring people and to be a part of their #leadership growth. Woohoo!
Staff continue to guide students along their leadership journey! Using snowflakes to illustrate the beauty of the individual, students are also learning about the power that comes from individuals working together: #synergy!
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