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Stever Robbins
CEO advisor and consultant, serial entrepreneur, advisor, podcaster and performer
CEO advisor and consultant, serial entrepreneur, advisor, podcaster and performer


I'd like to experience your content, but videos are a horrible way for me to do it for a variety of reasons (bandwidth, time, and volume in an open office being three major reasons,, but also because I'm not a visual learner and videos drive me nuts). Have you put any of the information into the form of articles or anything than can be read? (e.g. the "How to Bribe" video?) 

I'm trying as much as possible this election season to be data-driven and open-minded in my political discussions with people. It's really, really hard. Among other things, the data sources some people consider valid, I don't, and vice versa. Also, without expert training, sometimes you're just not qualified to interpret the data :-(  [And neither are the commentators on <your favorite partisan news outlet>, so you can't turn there for help.]

It seems G+ requires beautiful pictures to post. When in the world do you people have time to scrounge up pictures, post them, and write witty commentary? 

I'm at a public speaking training with Richard Bandler, creator of neuro-linguistic programming. His take on learning is quite fascinating. Traditional education teaches by giving repeated examples and hoping the student figures out a mental strategy for getting the right answers. He teaches by leading people through a mental strategy via metaphor and then connecting the strategy to the actual content area after the mental strategy has become automatic. Amazing to watch!

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Oh, no! My "Tips for Mastering Emali Overload" article ( has slipped from #1 in Google to #3 for the phrase "email overload." This article had been at #1 for the last 7 years. Will you help me get it back there? Link to it, tweet it, send it to friends. It's really quite a good article!

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When I was a kid, it was widely acknowledged that going to a friend's house to look at slides of their vacation was agony, akin only to biting into a delicious-looking piece of roast beef and discovering it was actually liver.

Now, every frickin' software package I use (including "productivity" software Wunderkit) wants me to SHARE everything. Let's get our definitions straight: sharing is when you give someone something you have that they want. Exhibitionism is when you throw all your crap into a public forum and really, really, really hope that people look at it.

Invited to speak at the fledgling TEDxMillRiver. I'm going to talk on how to create an extraordinary life. In particular, I'm going to look hard at the convention wisdom we have about how to get the results we want in the world and hopefully turn enough conventional wisdom on its head in 18 minutes that people walk away with a completely new way of thinking about their lives. That's a tall order!

Hint: we'll start with the proposition that goals and goal-setting might not work. Add in the notion that your efforts may be only marginally related to the results you get. Discuss.

ring ring

Them: "Hello, Mr. Robbins? This is not a sales call. Are you interested in email marketing lists and website optimization."
Me: "Yes."
Them: "We offer those services."
Me: "How can you afford to do that for free?"
Them: "We don't do it for free."
Me: "… but I thought you said you weren't selling anything. If you charge money, that's selling."
Them: "Are you interested in those services?"
Me: "For free, certainly. Or better yet, you can pay me to accept them. I take all major credit cards. Will you be using Mastercard, Visa, or American Express?"
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