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The Battle of Il Fornaio at Coronado

The armies of Il Fornaio arrayed themselves on the table while the forces of the infamous Master Pratt looked on. Not to be taken lightly, Pratt's forces hit first and hit hard.

Il Fornaio casualties included bread and olive oil, a glass of 2008 Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon, Pennoni alla Vodka, and a lone Zabaione alla Gritti. Casualties on Pratt's side were high at 4,641 CENTurions. Il Fornaio put up a good fight, but were no match for Pratt's hungry legions.

In the end, Il Fornaio's forces were outnumbered and unable to mount a good defense against the bite attack. You fought well, my friends. You will be missed.

Viewing and burial scheduled for three days from today.
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I hope it doesn't take three days. I saw on a late night TeeVee ad that going every three days means you can be storing up to 13.5 pounds of fecal matter in your body.

Maybe that's Il Fornaio's Revenge.

. . . and also, count me a "no-show" for the viewing.

Eric Pratt

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A very cute girl with a great smile gave me a sandwich with bacon in it at the Deli Lama today. I had some Sioux City cream soda with it to boot. And I got my first pay check from my new job. Just how good can a day get?
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I don't think I like google+ anymore.

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Why the fuck are all photos from my phone being uploaded to google+? Good thing I didn't take a picture of my dick or I'd fill up google's storage.

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Dammit. I forgot to change the address on my KoDT subscription. And of course, magazines don't get forwarded. Looks like I'm ordering a back issue.

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Now that I'm cool enough to be on Google +, you'll get to see me bitch here AND Facebook. Suckers.
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Ha! Right now I'm just exploring the area. Will be doing that for a long time.
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My first time there and I got a beef brisket sandwich with two sides and a soda. At first I thought the price was high but it was worth it. Even though the portions look small, don't be fooled. They will fill you up! I'm a big boy. I eat a lot of food before I get full and I walked out of there feeling stuffed! The chili was good. The potato salad was good. The brisket was very good and the sauce on the brisket was great. (I will ask for extra sauce next time.) College ball on the TVs kicked up the atmosphere. I would prefer a sawdust-on-the-floor look-and-feel for a BBQ joint, but it was still good. The staff were very nice and fun to talk to. I will definitely be going back regularly.
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