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Are You Ready to Hold Your Breath With Me?
When I found out I was pregnant again, I felt like a couldn't breathe. I still feel like I can't breathe and it's been 15 weeks and instead of every week it getting easier I feel like I am grasping for more air. I'm pregnant again after losing my first daug...

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Listen to Your Mother
LTYM was an amazing experience. Words cannot describe how validating and thrilling it was to stand before a sold out audience of 700 people and share my story of mothering both Zoe and Nora! If you are interested, I have shared what I read below.  Thank you...

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Why I Don't Want to be Pregnant After a Loss Again Right Now
Photo by Kerry Kresl Photography When I was six months postpartum with Zoe my mom during one of our once a week phone conversations would say, “Maybe you’re pregnant again” when I would describe some kind of physical alignment that I as a hypochondriac ofte...

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You are one.
You are one. I never thought this day would come. Your life from the very beginning has been over shadowed by
death. Not yours, but by your sister’s. You, my beautiful life filled Zoe, with sweet tooth filled
smiles and wrinkled nose giggles, were born out ...

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The Brave Moment When I Became a Model!!!
Did I ever tell you about the time I was a model?  I know, I know.  Me?  A model?  Well a few months ago back when Zoe was only 4 months old I slyly shared this AWESOME photo of me as a model for The 4th Trimester Bodies Project  on my Facebook page. The pr...

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Will She be Forgotten?
I'm writing over at Still Standing today about my fear that Nora will be forgotten and overshadowed by her little sister Zoe.  Nick edited this post for me last night and ended up in tears.  (I love that man so much!)  The post is about him mostly and my pa...

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Parenting A Rainbow Part 3 - Holding Zoe, Hoping for Nora
Here is my last article in the three part series of Parenting A Rainbow for Reconceiving Loss .  It was a hard one to write but there is a lot of truth in it.  You can read the article by clicking here .

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Pregnancy Anxiety Rolls Over Into Parenting
The second article in my three part series on parenting a rainbow as featured on Reconceiving Loss .  It's about how the anxiety from the pregnancy decided to roll right into parenting Zoe.  Check it out here .

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Parenting a Rainbow Series
I was fortunate to be asked to capture the first weeks of bringing home Zoe in a essay series called Parenting a Rainbow .  The first essay is about a grief stricken, love filled, moment that occurred a week after we brought Zoe home. You can read my first ...

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Honoring Nora with a Tree Planting
Seventeen months ago our first child Nora died while in the womb, to be born still at 40 weeks gestation.  Three weeks later we went to a comforting place for the bereaved parent, Faith's Lodge where we met other parents who had lost a child during pregnanc...
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