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Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.
Small business software focusing on human resources and scheduling.
Small business software focusing on human resources and scheduling.

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It’s time we all stop expecting one person to be all things to all people and instead acknowledge that business owners can be great doing what they are good at. #BusinessOwners #Managers  

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How Should Employers Avoid Micromanagement?  Recruit the right candidates. Create peer pressure on workers to be accountable to each other. Be clear with your expectations. Offer ownership in the company. #HR #Management #Micromanagement  

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Europe ahead of the U.S. with mandatory time-off policies for workers. The United States is the only country that doesn’t mandate employers to offer paid time off. Nearly 430 million vacation days go unused in the U.S. every year. #paidtimeoff #vacation  

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Employees who feel that their work is meaningful, will be happier at work. Happier employees are also more productive. #EmployeeEngagement #Nonprofit  

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Prioritize what you need to do using these eight tips to make better use of your time. #Leadership #Management  

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Currently, there are about 28 million small businesses in the US. And these small businesses account for 65% of the new jobs created since 1995. #SmallBiz #SmallBusiness  

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You might consider yourself an expert in your field, but when it comes to managing other people, how do you rate? If you’re like most business owners, you likely could use a pointer or two when it comes to being a better boss. #Employee #Leadership  

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Are you looking for a way to motivate your employees to complete their tasks in a timely manner? Here are four ways regular performance evaluations help:
1) Identify career goals
2) Improved motivation
3) Increased productivity
4) Decreased waste hours

#employeeengagement #performancereviews  

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If you’re constantly being interrupted by your staff or otherwise taken away from work you need to do, you’re likely quick to blame your staff. But here’s a news flash: it might actually be your own fault. #Staff #Management  

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Here are 6 warning signs that you need to hire more help right this instant! #Staffing #Hiring

1) Your employees are jumping ship.
2) It's your peak season.
3) Your customers are leaving - angry!
4) You've got more profit than usual.
5) You're working more than usual.
6) You're constantly stressed.
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