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"Open the pod bay doors, HAL."
"Open the pod bay doors, HAL."
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YouTube was the only social media platform that demonstrated an overall positive impact on young people's mental health in the study.

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An endangered spider — Heteropoda davidbowie — was named after him a few years back, fitting for the musician who made "The Spiders From Mars" a thing. 

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Some of their findings were expected; for example, longer eggs tend to hatch into larger birds. But their most surprising finding was that flight ability was the best predictor of egg shape; adept flyers laid more elliptical and asymmetrical eggs. Stoddard and her colleagues think that, in order to be aerodynamic, flying birds must have streamlined bodies, which limits the possible width of the egg. The birds still need to produce eggs with enough yolk and egg white inside, though. More elliptical and asymmetrical eggs would maximize the volume contained within an egg of a given radius, making them advantageous for birds of flight.

Stoddard doesn’t think this study negates previous work on the question of egg shape. The conventional wisdom has been that egg shape is determined by nest location and the number of eggs in the nest, and that might still be true on a smaller scale, she says. “What we find at the global level may not always be identical to what we see in smaller groups."

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Look what the new gold rush has done to prices.

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Nonromantic relationships are particularly susceptible to benign neglect. “We all understand that we need to invest in our relationship with our spouse or partner,” says Roese. “What might be not so obvious is that maintaining close friendships takes effort, too, and that the effort is worth it.”

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Lydie Solomon - Mozart Piano Concerto - Poland (3/3)

Lydie Solomon plays Mozart's Piano Concerto N° 20 in D minor, K. 466 in Płock, Poland, on January 30th, 2015.
Płock Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Janusz Przybylski.
Third movement: Allegro vivace assai.

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Lydie Solomon à Biarritz - HD

Lydie Solomon (Lydie Waï Solomon) (born 1982), is a French pianist[1] and actress,[2] born to a Franco-Romanian father and a Korean mother. She speaks fluent French, Korean, English, and Spanish and has a working knowledge of German and Italian

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The strongest evidence that abrasive Them-ing originates in emotional, automatic processes is that supposed rational cognitions about Thems can be unconsciously manipulated. Just consider this array of findings: Show subjects slides about some obscure country; afterward, they will have more negative attitudes toward the place if, between slides, pictures of faces with expressions of fear appeared at subliminal speeds. Sitting near smelly garbage makes people more socially conservative about outgroup issues (e.g., attitudes toward gay marriage among heterosexuals). Christians express more negative attitudes toward non-Christians if they’ve just walked past a church.

What do you do if you're a vegan ???
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