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Alanna Baker
What do we say to the God of Tantrums? Not today.
What do we say to the God of Tantrums? Not today.

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Wiped Out (A Day In The Life)
I'm so wiped out. I'm sitting in my comfy chair, yet trying not to get too comfortable, because I still have Halloween costumes to finish, blanket strip to knit, dishes to wash, clothes to sort, bathroom to clean-- I need to stop, I'm getting tireder just l...

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Things I Love About My Kids #2 - Their Generosity (When I Least Expect It And Most Need It)
My kids definitely have their selfish moments, with us their parents and with each other, but they also each have an amazing generosity of spirit. Alyx's preschool teacher repeatedly told us about Alyx's predilection for helping. If a classmate was upset or...

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Things I Love About My Kids #1: They Love My Singing
In an effort to focus more on the positive, I'm starting a series of "Things I Love About My Kids." That way, when they're being holy terrors, I can read this and find some kind of balance. So here's #1: they love my singing. I'm not sure why my singing is ...

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Toddler Mom Vision
When I walk into an area (office, store, home) with my small children that I have been before-- perhaps many times-- but they have not-- or at least, don't visit frequently, it's like I suddenly see everything in Toddler Mom Vision TM . At my office, I sudd...

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Never a Dull Moment...
Most moms take a certain level of pandemonium for granted, but three small children not even in grade school within twenty-three months of each other do make for a special kind of constant circus. For example, so far this morning I've dealt with: Poop matte...
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