© ® ™Brending Rippln Captain #startmyripple https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103774375394686622581/s/%23startmyripple The game is on! Is it a game? I don't think brending started selling for a penny two years ago and now the key word costs over two dollars a click. Can someone help my dad find work? He started the American Legion post in the town in which we serve using video and short code technology. Who would like to join our team and be a part of a shift not a trend? Add to resume for my dad +Brending Klout We have a late start today for school I am +Luke Zarlenga and love to play xbox. Plus my brother is overseas right now in the war. +American Legion Post 107 Etna Kirkersville Pataska +Summly +Incubating +Ohio Department of Education +A+Teachers  #weev  Thank you for showing me how to do this dad. I don't understand everything you are showing me yet but if it helps you find a job then it's cool #rdf  
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