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How to stop giving a F@$% about what people think

Someone once told me that as you get older you worry less about what people think about you, but most still struggle with being authentic and themselves in true oblivion of others' opinions - myself included.

I loved this article because it reminded me that we are just tiny specks in the universe and if we really think about it, we are just not that important to others.

Having just recorded a podcast the third time because my perfectionism got in the way of letting it go, I'm taking these comments to heart and will just go with it.  There is nothing wrong with wanting things to be as good as they can be,  but if I am judged on too many ums and ers, it's OK with me.

#lifehacks #perfectionism
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It's taken me a while to realise how best to use Google + and how to differentiate between a profile and a business page.  +Ryan Hanley explains it clearly - very helpful.
How to Choose Between Google+ Profile versus a Business Page

The Google Plus Profile versus Page… a question as old as the social network itself.

…and unfortunately a question that many marketers and business owners still struggle with.

Well today, we’re putting this question to bed. Once and for all we’ll have a definitive answer to question of, “Which content goes on personal profile and which on my business page?”

Today's video also outlines a simple process for making these content decisions as well as a quick example... 

Watch the video here:

#googleplus   #googleplusprofile   #googleplustips  

(Shout out to +Demian Farnworth and +Copyblogger for unknowingly being my example).
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Oscar nominations dominated by 'My Facebook Movies

This cracked me up and had to be shared
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I've seen some great Pinterest boards created by VR owners to feature the local area - even showing menus from local restaurants, and timetables for events.  Pinterest can be used to create your Live Like a Local Guide.  This article from +Anna Bennett is relevant to this and can guide any owner to creating some useful boards

#pinterestmarketing   #vacationrentaltips  

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Vacation rental owners could take every one of these seven points and create a set of Pinterest boards to attract new guests.  It's another great tool in an overall marketing strategy.
ATTENTION BLOGGERS Pinterest Expert Details 7 Critical Pinterest Boards Every Blogger Must Have

Marketing your blog on Pinterest is more than pinning a bunch of pretty pictures and employing the “hope and pray” strategy. If you are a hope & pray blogger you are no doubt wondering or pulling your hair out trying to figure out why, after all these hours on Pinterest you still don’t have much to show for it.

If you don’t want to waste your precious time on Pinterest you must have a well thought out plan before you even start creating your boards. Starting a Pinterest social media marketing campaign without having a plan in mind is like wandering through a forest without a map… you’ll end up frustrated & lost.

1) “Tips & Tricks” Board
2)  Topics That Your Target Audience Can Resonate With Board
3)  How-To Board
4) Host Discussion Board
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Don't want to miss any Pinterest posts? If you would like to get a notification when I share new Pinterest tips let me know below. Your name will be in a private circle that's only for new Pinterest blog notifications. If there's a specific topic you'd like me to cover let me know as well.

#PinterestForBusiness   #Bloggers   #PinterestTips  
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Excellent tips from photographer and vacation rental owner +Tyann Marcink  for photographing vacation rental properties...I would add that you should avoid the toilet photo if possible, and if not, at least put the seat down.  We all know what one looks like so why take a photo of it.
10 Things to do Before You Press the Shutter Button - Vacation Rental Photography Tips

Number 5 might be my favorite.

My latest guest blog post, for +Web Chalet, Inc. 

#vacationrentalphotography   #photographytipsandtechniques   #vacationrentals   #tuesdaytip  
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Stuck for Blogging Ideas? Check out this List

In an increasingly competitive market, writing good blog content is essential for anyone in the travel market, particularly vacation rental owners and managers.

This article by +Erin Raub  - The Travel Copywriter is rich in ideas for content.  It's given me a lot of food for thought and motivation to get writing - how about you?
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The days of vacation rental owners dismissing reviews and social sharing sites is over - to be heard and be visible means being everywhere and that includes social media. 
Thank you +Erin Raub  for sharing this one
It is important for companies to recognize the significant role that “social proof” plays in the decisions of their customers.
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There are some excellent tips here from Alan Egan of +rentmoreweeks Staging a vacation rental is very different from staging to sell and learning to do this well can make a difference between mediocre photography and a high traffic listing.
Five minutes with an expert: Alan Egan from +rentmoreweeks 

According to +alan egan  of Rent More Weeks, rental staging and good photography is the key to creating a more appealing presentation for your holiday rental and maximise your booking opportunity. Alan kindly agreed to give us a masterclass on how to give your holiday rental a marketing makeover. 

#holidayrentalmarketing   #homestaging   #photography   #vacationrentals  
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Like many entrepreneurs I find organsing projects, new ideas and my time in general, challenging.  I would love to hear what organising tools others use and why they are effective.  I have been trying to get to grips with Nozbe as recommended by +Michael Hyatt but wondered what else works for others.
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