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Chesterton Mill from +Chris Day 
I was up at Chesterton Mill at midnight last night (when the Council switch off some of the streetlights) as the Lyrid meteor show was at its peak. What a great night for stars. If you look at this in large view you'll see I just caught one meteor.

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You're lucky to capture this Meteor Show !!!! Detailed shot, Chris Day !!! Thank you for sharing this photo with us....
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An Outstanding and insightful look into how +Mike Browne got started with his photography from +The Photo Show +Dave Vickers
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Thank you very much.
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Drama on the Kent Coast from +Matthew Wiseman 

+Visit Kent ! ♥ 

Only the Lonely can sit and wait for a little love to come along!
Sadly this old boat has had it's day. Dried out, beaten by weather and sun.
Another shot taken in Dungeness, Kent, UK.
Sweeping clouds flowing over towards France. Was a pretty breezy afternoon.
Dungeness is a well know photography playing field with ample opportunity to get some amazing shot. Landscape and well weathered objects scattered around the land.
Also, home to the famous / infamous Dungeness Nuclear Power plant. Originally built in 1965 and a the latest addition in 1984. Some of which is being decommissioned.
An amazing place with amazing views.
#Focal length - 11mm
#Speed: 1/250
Aperture: F/11
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Fabulous composition
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Have you ever seen one of these Albino Squirrels? Perhaps you can help +Mark Shoesmith out if you have :) 

more pictures here
Albino Squirrels in Selsdon Wood

There had been over resent years reports of Albino Squirrels being spotted in the wood. See my blog for the story.
There had been over resent years reports of Albino Squirrels being spotted in the wood. There is photographic evidence of them on the Friends of Selsdon Wood web site taken some years ago, but try as I might I had not seen one.
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Very rarely seen the albino squirrel _ waiting for food to the in a secretly come down to get it otherwise it will be fatal because it is not like other squirrel. Nice picture. Thank you.
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Have you visited Oxford recently? +Joe Daniel's did and came away with this lovely image. 

Did you know Oxford has over 1,500 listed buildings? Find out more about the University City:
+Visit England 
Blue Hour, Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, England
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Beautiful portrait from +Paul Boon 
Sebastian at two years old

Still can't believe it has been two years since this little guy arrived to shake things up for the better. 
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You might like to see the beautiful Dorset landscape in this clip, used as the location for this new movie 
Far From The Madding Crowd
+Visit Dorset ♥
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That is really beautiful. Would also love to see the movie. Truly Epic!
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You might like to take a look at the British Institute of Professional Photography +British Institute Of Professional Photography
Official site of the British Institute of Professional Photography - qualifications, training, education & support for professional photographers.
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Hello Everyone :D Do you dislike the way ALL your posts to various communities show up on your Google Plus Profile and make it look like you only post THE SAME PHOTO over and over again? Well... the GOOD NEWS is you can stop this from happening :D YEY! 
Just follow the tip below to 'cleanse' your profile stream of all those multiple posts. Bob's yer Uncle!  :D  _tell your friends!_ please
A Tip on POSTING TO COMMUNITIES & managing the view seen by others from your main profile... 

Did you know that if you visit your account settings (find it by hovering over the button to the top left of your screen - under the word GOOGLE) and then locate the section titled Profile, you can tick a box that will stop the same pictures appearing multiple times on your profile page no matter how many communities you post the same image to?

If you are still seeing multiple post after carrying out the above try...
the community settings you have set up. There's a bit under the cog in the community that says 'also show post in my home stream'

Hope you find that tip useful :) 

Best wishes The UKPC Admin Team 
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UK Photography Community

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1,438 members and rising! Tell your friends ;) ♥ 

Thanks for all the awesome photos folks :D 
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Say hello to +Paul Macleod  :D He's been on G+ for a couple of years but not been very active in posting until recently. Paul is from Scotland and took this photo in Bracken Bay close to the town of Aye on the West Coast of Scotland. 

+VisitScotland ! ♥

We're looking forward to more of your images Paul ! :) Love the light on this seaweed 
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Beautiful Suffolk from +Andrew Wilding 

+Visit Suffolk  :D 
Sunrise at Alton Water Mill, Suffolk. 
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Iwona B
Very nice 
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