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Happy #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 75510

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Compilation of army fitness tests of different countries. Has anyone taken any of these tests before?

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Hi everyone, I've been out from a shoulder injury for about 8 months. But prior I trained in MovNat movement skills predominantly for obstacle course races. I'm slowly getting back into it.

Anway, here's a post that I think beginners to movement training will find useful. 

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Historical inspiration for Jiraiya, Tsunade & Orochimaru (actual nearly 200 year old folklore) -

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Some Japanese ninja facts compiled from Tokyo Extra's show that featured Narashino of the Musashi Clan Ninja Warriors (tourist ninja experience group in Japan) -

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Wanted to let everyone know that you can use Facebook Notes to share long posts. It allows you to format your content, unlike status updates. And it makes your content look aesthetically better.

I don't know how the algorithm regards Notes. But I do know that FB is pushing for them to be used.

The link below is a FB resource to enable it on your profile. You can also enable it for your FB page.

Off the top of my head, I think +Andrea Harkins and +Ando Mierzwa will find this useful.

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Naruto is a work of fiction inspired by the ninja.

But what is the history of the Japanese ninja? Was there actual historical proof that they existed? Here's what I found -

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Was there historical proof that ninja really existed in Japan?

This article explores history and looks at the Shoninki, Bansenshukai, Ninpiden, Taiheiki and more. I'd appreciate feedback.

2015 was a challenging year with more downs than ups. It was mainly because I chose to take on more goals than I could realistically handle. And that my jobscope changed drastically during May.

You may have wondered why Way Of Ninja was quiet in the month of December. I had neither the time nor mood to do anything. I was and still am drained, both mentally and physically.

But this is my promise to you and myself - I will be back stronger than ever.

Here are my aims for 2016.

1. Regain my arm mobility and strength to return to calisthenics, Aikido, obstacle racing and movement arts. (Shoulder injury last year)

2. Make Way Of Ninja a valuable resource to existing readers and new beginners

3. Work on regaining my confidence and mental well-being

Wishing everyone a happy and fruitful new year. Ganbatte kudasai for 2016!

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What would you do if you were me? This has to do with the Commando Challenge. Read details first...

I missed the Commando Challenge obstacle race last year because it fell on my travel plans to Bangkok. So, this year, I cleared my schedule for it. Out of enthusiasm, I signed up for the extreme version - 15kg rucksack, 10km and many obstacles.

Here's the problem.

1. I never anticipated getting an injury just one month plus before the race. I am 85% recovered as of now but am severely underprepared.

2. Earlier this week when I mistook the race date, I was actually infected by the flu virus. I suspect my training partner who I trained with on Fri. I'm much better but not fully recovered. And I missed one whole week of training as a result.

Now, I need your input on my options (I really don't want to forgo the race);

1) Participate and complete the full course at my own pace. Walk if I have to. And if I suddenly feel out of it, drop the rucksack and try to continue - disqualified.

2) Inform the organisers that I will disqualify myself from the rucksack component but complete the full course.

3) Cheer on the competitors from the sidelines... argh... can't believe I'm adding this as an option. But based on my condition, it may be a possibility. I'm thinking in terms of flu virus and lack of conditioning in my arms that may worsen my joint recovery - especially if climbing with a 15kg load.

I also can't believe I'm putting this out "there". But I appreciate any input, mainly because my default option is the first. I waited too long for this and I don't ever want to initiate a cycle of giving up - that's how I think I will perceive myself if I skip this.

Thanks in advance.
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