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Maye Elle
it's crazy because I want so much but do so little, right?
it's crazy because I want so much but do so little, right?

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different My IG is quite different to who I am irl btw. My blog posts are a bit more personal I'm actually quite shy I always feel a bit awkward when someone from my personal - especially work- life have me on IG like soz I am a lie hahahaha She's my alter ...

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S T O P  S L E E P I N G  Somehow I have been managing to sleep 15hours a night in the weekend I don't understand it but even when I wake up the next day - since I usually end up doing this on a Saturday .. I'm still tired. I don't personally think this is ...

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Victorian Blue
Victorian Blue helping Kylie out hi plant Top : Ellis & Friends Wide Legs : ASOS Petite Shoes: Top Shop Bag : Deadly Ponies Hair : James @ Toni & Guy

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👊 Add Oil 👊
Add Oil 👊 A day of planned productivity and sweaty in oversized vintage Levis Location: Nuffield St Near Cali Cafe Had a little business meeting to try plan 2017 There's something about going to a cafe and working that appeals to me. I have been struggling...

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MYERS-BRIGGS I watched the latest More Wong Fu Lunch Break and took this quiz . I got the: Campaigner ENFP-A It's made me think a lot about who I am. Along with other things that have happened recently. It's good to reflect on life, who you think you are, h...

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IDK I cannot describe how I feel. So many emotions.. so much, so little, so numb, so much pain, so many tears, such emptiness. I hope everyone is okay, I hope we can all talk it out but.. it just isn't that easy. Everyday I will try for you. I will always a...

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Tea Always
I love tea

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Adventure ⚔
First outfit post of the year.  I've changed - as I believe we all should (for the better)  I'm blonde I'm single I'm a business owner I'm a colour person now  I'm a sriracha lover after finally trying it for my first time - and I cannot stop eating it with...

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So much has happened and I really thought I was done with my blog .. but yet here I am again. I'm totally lost as to what September & May is anymore but it's not like it matters too much anyways. I stopped blogging here after someone I was very close to in ...

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Pleats to Meet You
Pleats to Meet You   Top - Eightslate Culottes - ASOS - White Coat - Glassons Shoes - ASOS Scarf - Onceit Sunglasses - Karen Walker via Smith & Caughey's Tattoo - Hannah Novart from Seven Day Tattoos
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