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Somebody appears to have posted information about self-confessed rapist and predator +Anton Lennikov  on Pastebin:

The information on +Anton Lennikov  appears to be referring to a story posted on -->

The Pastebin post on +Anton Lennikov  also appears to contain a link to a photo and screenshot archive on Imgur -->

I have no idea who posted these things. I'm just reporting about them, so don't get mad at me :3

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Japan is more than just wacky idol groups and goofy otaku. So why does everybody ignore serious issues with Japan's government and democracy?

Anonymous Japan News Update, Episode 1:

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 A wider coalition of more than hundreds of Internet companies and civil liberties,

environmental and political organizations is arriving together with a global call to

“Reset the Net” that aimed to beat government and corporate surveillance on the web

making mass Internet surveillance more difficult for the NSA and other spy agencies and


 The campaign is one of the largest online protest in the Internet history, where more

than 100 companies came together to protest two federal bills, the Senate’s Protect IP

Act and the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Thousands of websites went dark

over the internet to stop mass surveillance conducted by the government.

 The coalition includes Web sites such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft,

Wikipedia, Wordpress, Reddit, Boing Boing, Imgur, DuckDuckGo, the Free Software

Foundation, CREDO Mobile, along with a number of organizations like the Freedom of

the Press Foundation, Demand Progress, the Open Technology Institute, the Libertarian


Privacy Pack for you use the best

1- Your Phone
These apps are the easiest ways to protect yourself and make mass surveillance more


Strong privacy for your phone calls, whenever you need it.

ChatSecure gives you secure chat with Google and XMPP users.

Windows or Mac
Secure chats is pretty easy on Windows or Mac Private, anonymous browsing is easier.

Tor prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits.
Mac GNU/Linux


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Seriously, fuck the World Cup, & fuck FIFA too.
Fuck the World Cup. We want schools and hospitals in FIFA standards

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The 2channel Split Incident: A Summary, in Comic Form

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What The Hell is Going On with 2ch?
A tale of data-mining, censorship, and betrayal.

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The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Information activist "Aaron Swartz". A New film by Brian Knappenberger, Director of "We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists" -

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Hello Anonymous Operators, and thank you for the invite.

Anonymous Japan cell here, dealing with local issues from Scientology outbreaks to ACTA, the TPP, and local issues of privacy and government transparency.  Our latest initiatives have been participation in the #MillionMaskMarch and #IDP14 , the International Day of Privacy, as well as several anti-TPP rallies and opposition to the Japanese government's creation of the Download Illegalization Law, The Specified Secrets Protection Law, and most recently #OpSybil , protesting against a proposed system of facial recognition cameras to be deployed in Osaka station (video included below).

We are largely a boots-on-the-ground protest cell, performing physical flash-mob protests, traditional protest marches, and #OpACS (aka Anonymous Cleaning Service), where Anons combine flash-mob protesting and street cleaning to show some goodwill to the local community.

We also disseminate information online, usually in the form of Tweetstorms on Twitter and translating videos and articles of interest into Japanese from English and other languages.

We are also participating with other partners in the CryptoJapan Project ( ), an initiative to translate encryption and privacy software UIs into Japanese, and promote their use to the average internet user in Japan.

Language ability varies from member to member, but as a group we are capable of communicating comfortably in both English and Japanese.

We look forward to communicating with you.
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