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Living the Wisdom of Tao
Living the Wisdom of Tao

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When Dr Wayne Dyer wrote the book Change Your Thoughts Change Your life, Living the Wisdom of the Tao, he devoted one full year to the reading of the book by Lao Tzu.
Every four to five days, he focused on one of the 81 verses from the book – which can be as short as four-liner, and probably not more than sixteen.
The result is a book by Dr Dyer that has inspired millions — based on the ancient book that is said to be  ‘the wisest book ever written’!
I really enjoy this speech where he tells us how he lives the wisdom of the ancient literature.

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Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching  Chapter 33
#taoteching #laotzu #daodejing #laozi

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Flight From His Own Shadow

I love this animation of Cullen Vance based on Chuang Tzu's fable.  I believe you’d love it, too.

"There was a man
who was so disturbed
by the sight of his own shadow
and so displeased
with his own footsteps,
that he determined to get rid of both.
The method he hit upon was
to run away from them.
So he got up and ran.
But everytime he poot his foot down
there was another step,
while his shadow kept up with him
without the slightest difficulty.
He attributed his failure
to the fact
that he was not running fast enough.
So he ran faster and faster,
without stopping,
until he finally dropped dead.
He failed to realize
that if he merely stepped into the shade,
his shadow would vanish,
and if he sat down and stayed still,
there would be no more footsteps."

The shadow and footsteps in the story are familiar.

They can well be your worries and fear.  But do you know that while many of these are real challenges, a lot more are illusionary and self-imposed.

Furthermore, do you know that the solutions can be VERY SIMPLE?
Go under the shade and sit down, the shadow and footsteps are going to vanish in no time.

#zhuangzi #chuangtzu #shadow 

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Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching  Chapter 66
#taoteching #laotzu #daodejing #laozi

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Master the art of non-doing to get more things done in life, without putting in more effort.
#taoteching #non-doing #wuwei #laotzu #daodejing #laozi

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"The smaller the mind the greater the conceit."  -- Aesop

#taoteching #laotzu #daodejing #laozi

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Tao is like a bell, and faith its clapper.  Strike Tao with faith, and the connection reverberates music of the universe.  The harder you strike, the more resonant and beautiful the melody of  vibration.
#taoteching #laotzu #daodejing #laotze  

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There is always a coming and going, expansion and contraction. After day, it is night; and after night it is day. While day is the ending of night, it is also where night begins.  Changes are part of life and be ready to take them in your stride ...

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Although the cup – or the something — is what you own, it is the emptiness – the nothing – that you use.  You own the being — the cup — for the non-being — the space.

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