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I am running a photo session giveaway on my Facebook page!!! That's right, a FREE photo session!!!

Just head over to my Facebook page, and…

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The photo session will be taking place in Ames, Iowa.

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Laurel C Scott

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My first real post on my Google Plus page for business!  I'm excited to get back into this and start using it!  The only problem is that my business page doesn't have any followers and my personal page has a bunch, so help a fellow photographer out and give the business page some lovin'? :)
First edited photo from the most recent wedding!  This wedding took place in Storm Lake, Iowa at the King's Point Resort.  We went for a lovely long walk on the beach by the lighthouse before the ceremony started.

+Laurel C Scott +Sara Von Ahn +Chris Frohardt 
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well look who decided to show.....
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Laurel C Scott

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Check out these awesome photographers (I'm one of them! :D )
Thomas Hawk originally shared:
1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (P-Z, Part 3 of 3)

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (A-G, Part 1 of 3)

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (G-O, Part 2 of 3)

1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+ (P-Z, Part 3 of 3)

Today I'm posting Part 3 of my 1,500 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+. Wednesday and Thursday I posted parts 1 and 2.

Thank you to all the photographers that make Google+ such a beautiful place day in and day out and who fill my stream up every day with such wonderful photographs to look at.

I'll share my circles again when they hit 2,000. I appreciate all the kind words I've gotten from people the past few days over sharing my circles. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to photographic talent on G+, I think it's a great way that I can help promote alot of other talented people who enrich my experience here.
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me too, yay
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Laurel C Scott

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+Dagny Heimisdottir - adorable!

The weather was -2.2 degrees with windchill - brrrrrr.
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Very nice!
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Laurel C Scott changed her profile photo.

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Why is it that Google + thinks that I automatically want to crop my profile pictures in? I never want to crop them in (they are already squares).
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Laurel C Scott

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Does anyone have thoughts on business pages for photographers? And how to incorporate that with the personal page?  I've had the personal page from the start, and my business name includes my actual name, and since all of my followers are here, I thought I'd see if there were any thoughts.

I want people to be able to see and enjoy the photos, but they may not if I only post them on the business page. :/
Went for something a little moodier and elegant of this gorgeous bride! +Sara Von Ahn +Laurel C Scott 

#weddingphotography   #weddinghairstyles   #bride   #lowa     #iowaweddingphotogaphers  
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yep lol
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Laurel C Scott

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Just created a Google Plus business page for my business:

I haven't started posting on it yet, but I'll be getting to that soon!  So circle it for posts!

+Laurel C Scott Photography 
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Awesome! I used this a bunch when it first came out but have since fallen off the wagon  little bit and have decided I really need to dedicate more time to it.  
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Laurel C Scott

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Perfect Moment - Photographer Walks In On Proposal

While out photographing engagements the other day, we were walking up to a location to shoot some photos when two people asked us if we could hang back for a minute or two - their friend was proposing up ahead!

We waited a bit, and when they said he was done, we kept going because the sun was going down.

I made sure to do a quick introduction to the couple (shameless self-promotion at it's finest!) as we started shooting.

They asked if I could take a quick photo of them with their point-and-shoot camera, but I insisted that I take a few with my camera and I'd put them online and send them to the newly engaged happy couple.

My engagement couple was happy to accommodate the few quick shots of the other couple, saying it would make for a great story - and it does!

This really made my day! They were so happy they just could not stop laughing and smiling. They're happy and it shows!

So congratulations to the happy couple!

It is awesome for them to have some great photos just minutes after the proposal, at the location! I'm so happy I could do this for them.
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loa amr
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Laurel C Scott

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Hahaha... this showed up as an advertisement on fb for me.... and uh, based on the photo they show, I don't think anyone who gets a degree in photography from them is really learning anything at all.

Learn how to put 50% opaque boxes of color over a photo of yourself in Photoshop today! Call yourself a photographer!
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Laurel C Scott

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I want to start a new referral program for my photography business. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? What are some good incentives?

I was thinking that I could offer one or two of various items. Something for someone who would not themselves benefit from credit with me.

So my options right now are:
-Gift Card
-Credit with me

What are some other ideas, or amounts of things, etc. that everyone uses?
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You can look at your pricing and purchases and find out where you are making the most money. Are you making money from the sitting or the prints? If you are making more from prints you could say two shoots for the price of one sitting or give the gift of a sitting to a friend - you spend more time doing shoots, but you sell more prints. The offer should always be mutually beneficial - gives something to the client and increases your revenue. Otherwise you are just giving discounts because you are a nice person - i.e. cutting costs for clients and harming the value proposition your business.
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