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UMD Continuing Education will be discontinuing our Google+ presence. Please join our LinkedIn group ( or like our Facebook page (UMD Continuing Education) or follow us on Twitter.

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Would you like to enhance or refresh your business writing skills? Check out our workshop, "Business Writing I: Reviewing the Basics" on September 21.

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"Healthcare Transformation: Linking Cost and Quality" A *free* lecture on Saturday, May 7. Sponsored by the UMD Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Continuing Education. Learn more here:

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There's still time to register in "Everything is Negotiable" on May 5, 9:00 - 11:00 AM with John Foucault. For more information or to register, go to

Conflict is inevitable, and happens whenever people have differing expectations. Therefore, conflict management is critical. Resolving conflicts early is key, and involves discussion to facilitate communication and diffuse anger. Helpful tools include:

Stay calm
Listen to understand
Accentuate the positive
Attack the problem, not the person
Be creative; everything is negotiable

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Sign up for Five Strategies for Conflict Resolution, May 11:

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Did You Know....
The way you communicate with others can build or reduce your credibility with others. It's not enough to know the facts - people are perceived as more credible when they are willing to:
Ask questions
Learn from others
Adapt the message to their audience
Share the right amount of information at the right time
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Good news! Following a robust search and interview process, Roxanne Richards has been named the new director of Continuing Education. She has been interim director since the retirement of Lynn Burbank. Congratulations, Roxanne!

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Our instructor for the Mental Health First Aid-Adult workshop on April 2, Chad Scott, was featured in a KUMD interview. Hear it here:

Are you interested in improving your listening skills? We have a couple of workshops for you! Tuesday, March 22, "Providing Constructive Feedback," and Thursday, March 24, "Active Listening." For more information, go to

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Being a good listener is one key to success, and it requires focusing on another person's perspective. Here are some tips to help you develop your listening skills:
Focus on being fully in the moment
See the situation from the other person's perspective
Summarize the key points made by the speaker so he/she knows you've heard them
Pay attention not only to words, but also to body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.
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