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Gopalakrishnan Krishnasamy
Watson trying hard to become Sherlock
Watson trying hard to become Sherlock

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The Murders at Astaire Castle - Review & Narrator Interview
Hola Readers, Today again I am back with another review. The murders at Astaire Castle is a book in the Mac Faraday series written by Laureen Carr. This book is slightly different from the other books in the series. The story follows Mac Faraday acquiring t...

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Old Love Die Hard - Review & Author Interview
Hola Friends, After a long time, I am coming up with a double feast of a book review (Audio Book) along with the author interview of Old Lives Die Hard.  Review: Ex-Homicide detective Mac Faraday is back with Old Loves Die Hard. This time it's a double murd...

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Pa Paandi - An album and some thoughts
Recently I happen to write a guest post for my dear friend Pratip in his blog about the music of Power Paandi aka Pa Paandi . While writing the post I was thinking why I liked the album so much? The answer was so simple when you are surrounded by huge noise...

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Season of Hope - Spotlight
Hi Readers, After a long time back with another spotlight post. In this post we are going to see a spotlight about the book Season of Hope. Book Description: When Amanda Jarvis prays that a special friend will move into the vacant house near her isolated mo...

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The women power
As a custom today you can see a lot of posts in all social media praising the women and saying them that they can do whatever they want. They have the power to do what they want and so on posts will flood your timeline while still, the women in the househol...

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The Apollo Experience
So last week I got a chance to get a health checkup done in Apollo Hospitals Chennai. Yes, Just like everybody I was also keen to see the place especially after a lot of recent events. Yes, I got a chance to see their facilities and got a basic general chec...

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Love - Deal with it - 2/2
The first part of this conversation series happens between Karthik and Indira. You can read it in Shri Abirami's blog . This blog you can read the conversation between Senthil and Sindhu. Senthil and Sindhu: Sindhu and Senthil shared the opposite seats. Onc...

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A Conversation on/of Love - Part II
Senthil and Sindhu: Sindhu and Senthil shared the opposite seats. Once the film was over they were the only two to have waited until end credits. While Senthil was engrossed applauding in standing ovation, Sindhu was rather lost in her own thoughts watching...

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To wait is to Love
A couple of days ago I wrote a post of time. Time being the most powerful object humankind have ever seen, it plays a crucial role in the lives of people. The term of love has been either grossly underrated or overrated. Time, as usual, have a pivotal role ...

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That one man you know
Call it a poem or a short story. This is all about that one guy, one guy she could easily relate, one guy who loves her unconditionally, one guy who is happy for whatever she chooses for your life. The guy might be you, or me or somebody both of us know ver...
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