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Chryssa Saj

sign in issue detected... when an existing member tries to login they end up in a loop  a CONTINUE button pops up redirecting them to login not to the profile page... any ideas>?

Recurring events - registration for one price for events that repeat at a regular time ie. workshop for 3 weeks on a tuesday

is it possible to give a discount code which waives the fee compeltely (100%) seems the system still wants a credit card in such case... we want former members to be able to create a new account. 

is it possible to register for several seperate events  in a single transaction? a conference and a workshop with diff parameters for participants at the same time?

Waiting lists for events. If your event is registered to capacity is there any way to allow potential event registrants to queue up as it were?

our primary account will not let us login. It is telling me we have no such account when  I have billing records --  can you help

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Check out the Caravan figures with Syra Gallery on ARTSY Christina Saj, for Amen - A Prayer for the World

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