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I distrust

I distrust this kind of musician feeling
fewer any married from you guys have same lenght

+Norah Jones

meeting cat love of string ja touch the horse coil with lips wind
only the fact you reduce all to 4/4 make me want the war for you
the good of use period in a song write
So only instead feel the emotion and run for the next whore touch your ass or keep meeting God war and money

I imagine you
treat the meaning as you are personal artist to primitive stoll of mind so then four for tele and Left for vote
Then return to house same paceful wating end the dish of horse diablo and potato
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Aldo Lugli

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A bit of qwerty rescue help when we have lot of it

Basically I love qwerty in fact my first nick name was Qwerty
just becouse can play the word then become true enemy his hiss

So for me first of all found logic admirate caracter as body part and brote with that then simple have two step as can have E but is like being fileing all things for a piece of being result colorful in Yen but have a period for papper have a lateral icon for read so simple 8 caracter is more than only the ass you will see a love inside a papper of kiss a jury then stoll privation use >< for a clinic position of his factory reduce my fear from the gum
my gum from all that happiness yung who fear somehood and are Doctor is near are on the load eating cande hamburger but carry too a shoot from period fly or simple m m dual memory he is not the owner of the ghost song but he love his enfant game of play number for jump her but the etic of white stick is silence on paragraph early in the morning listening with stick we

                                              · J 7 SS U 8R 7J on U.
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Aldo Lugli

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                                                  Jm· m S
                                       · < wS8R 2S Sw5R
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Aldo Lugli

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Nos engañaron con la primavera

Novecientos treinta y cuatro mil tres debe ser más de 93 4003

                                                          ºJ T00n · 

para los erróneos del convento de heladeras y moros con refalosa de cabra yo digo nddt nû con d eléctrica como de pomo de hornear Noruegas capiche but certain studies of mamal life got clear fashion of drink wife milk and leave baby got her own

Otra demostración de lo
que las palabras Noruegas

                                          S0·RSºm ººSRSn0oJ7ººJ

Si te animas a leer
en un lugar
porque cerras los ojos te cuento

                                                              _ SS /
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Meet error

In the mind across other less I yould note that a bit out of life destroy prompt is show not only in binay system else in amount of electron uknowing idiom who jump from amber stick to noise rail of electric

As focus in develop true Queen food red and bite I note the expensive or born and life protein is a flavor of body synthesis more than a requaried from plateful
Is near get your own in picture plant life about his novele of mineral and sap happyness
Then my safe of galaxy the next text was found in an unknow cityzen wrote in arabic how / near leg deform I or _ above L to next I as /
So in terms of feed the dish with her name _ can bring T @ and J as _ halft like /\ show disonat on J8 more seam to no than 8J more osh the electron
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Hello I am not student no any pacient

This years I carry a cience study about union of culture idiom by carry it to the union of cience idiom shall well art
The concept of usse less caracter is develop by admirate 5 in a paitwork as artist name so when I write it by a four letter word meshing number and caracter the sound begun to self as a heart in baby way in my mind
Primitive intuition of fabric got the thing V as roman 5 but the heart tell other thing like if you drink Sake
So with out say the hole paint word in connect aureal art proportion with Gauss childhood discover so 5 admit the set of word bocal aeiou
and the hand set and is an open simbol but a close mouth
So simple do is change aeiou to 56789 an add Gauss aureal as
59 = 86 = 14 but 7 haven't got a pair to sum then I think qwerty as classic simple or dobble like pizza barro add
And focus in what the way of computer evolution or all evolution don't give a nominal reference to color in text so in the motion of union if I am doctor instead learn all word of world for same body like dik pene and who hell know it in German prefer to achieve it in caracter as R or pussy as w or m then is against all the fear to say w or R destroy it by primitive word war religion by poor people with 100 word or strange people with 8 to 64 bit deph of supermarket unknow silence

My revolution wasn't discover it becouse all simple caracter are now in qwerty
It was discover true union with woman and in a solitude manner had my profile and my meeting mode just in wSRS (morâ) my enfant way to say idiom

So what I went to tell is that semen get better look if we think write as cursive color flip heart spacebar
I found a tube bettwen urine bladder and semen maze felling it by onanism then eyaculate new semen warm lot and fisher

But untill this days I got more than it
like more than time length that is onanism finally by the word who keep up more than cience when is 29 nominal so keep deal of word that in a rare manner of Rimbaud poetry was SwSR
then regonize body caracters
then regonize music structure beyond 12 tonal like violin good
then regonize my birthday 14/2/1986 San Valentin Day

So like a gay I love to sing her pushing me to my 2
no time garden

Is good for you have both hand on the fly so I advise start with idiom
And for last my dream is drink mama milk
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Aldo Lugli

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                                                   +Aldo Lugli 
                                           +MIRIAM NIQUEDO
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Aldo Lugli

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                                /8 Su05 wS 22_no 8S
                                          S/ºI S 8 J8
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Aldo Lugli

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                                               La luna en son

Como una galaxia va a tener cien mil años de luz y una estrella 300 me dicen que a fuerza de amor el hambre del mundo les doblo un ojo con más años que la foto me creyeron monógamo pues sí totalmente como vas a pulsar una cultura que resiste el acto sexual pero no informa realmente el contrato amoroso
Una clase con 4 chicos y 16 chicas un dicho real del verano pero sin Noruega ni América ni nada un fatal encuentro con la vida del arte una cocina para invitados una mesa que falla y un niño más especial como me vas a vender cuadros de mi secta en que mundo piensan proveer de computadoras y microchips a mi nueva clase por que no tenemos el gusto de sentir cuando sos tan linda y me faltan los olores o nunca me viste mirar los colores

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