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Chris Lake
Works at Econsultancy
Lives in London
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You want suggestions for new content? Try this brilliant, practical tool based on my periodic table of content marketing.  
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Chris Lake

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Excellent post, thank you very much.
Very interesting, if you have some experience in UX for
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Chris Lake

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Chris Lake

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We're doing a lot more work around digital transformation, helping brands to adapt their businesses to mirror modern customer trends. Shout up if you need an independent view to assess your customers, people and processes (all of which come before the implementation of new platforms).
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Chris Lake

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I just mine the brains and find the .gifs...

Thanks for your contributions!
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I have spent the last day or so working on The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, which I've just published. Do check it out and let me know what you think...
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Chris after being inspired by your content marketing periodic table here is one I found about SEO success
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Chris Lake

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I cobbled this post together on recent / future web trends. Do let me know if I've missed anything obvious...
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Thanks +Chris Lake - Great points on #webdesigntrends2014
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Chris Lake

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Have a play with these - some nice, lightweight effects that can elevate your UX. The code is available for all of these examples.
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Chris Lake

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These may come in handy for anybody looking for a new domain / brand name. It's a hellish thing to have to do...
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This is going to change my life.
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Director of Content at Econsultancy
Content, SEO, Ecommerce, UX, UI, Digital Marketing, Product Development
  • Econsultancy
    Director of Content, 2003 - present
Basic Information
Director of Content at Econsultancy.
I work at Econsultancy. We try to help people improve their websites, among other things. 
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