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Each day a little more #gamedev love
Each day a little more #gamedev love

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All the sessions from this past weekend's AltDev Student Summit are now available, so you can catch the ones you missed!

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AltDev Student Summit starts today! Check the Watch Live page throughout the event for the sessions!

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The AltDev Student Summit is this weekend. Come and see exciting sessions about game development pitched towards students that are heading towards positions in the Industry. Almost 40 developers are taking the time to put on what promises to be an excellent event, and over 400 people have already registered to attend. Check out the schedule, and come join us Saturday and Sunday starting from 7pm GMT, 2pm EST, 11am PST - online and completely free.

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AltDev Student Summit, the student-centric branch of AltDev Conferences, will be held November 10th and 11th!

It's free to attend online and will be an excellent opportunity for students to gain key industry insights from seasoned professionals!

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Mike Acton is hanging out with 3 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairDon Olmstead, Tony Albrecht, and John McCutchan

T-minus one hour and counting until the inaugural #AltDevPanel. Featuring +Mike Acton +Tony Albrecht +John McCutchan and +Jaymin Kessler.

Less than two hours until today's #AltDevPanel!

Just seven hours to go until today's #AltDevPanel with +Mike Acton, +Tony Albrecht, +John McCutchan, and +Jaymin Kessler talking about optimization. More details are available at

Add your questions for the panel in the comments below!

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Very informative +#AltDevBlogADay conference today by +John McCutchan on "Control, Configure, Monitor and View Your Game Engine From the Web."

More information can be found at his website, or via the AltDevBlogADay articles "Writing Your Own WebSocket Server" ( and "Controlling Your Game Over WebSocket" (

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My latest #AltDevBlogADay article. Commence reading procedures!
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