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I figured out I had been ignoring
street foods on this blog like anything. Although I make most of them from scratch the
temptation is too much to go through the process of photography and then
relish. But okay...its not too late and I am ready to make them...

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Blueberry Cheesecake Lassi
I find lassis therapeutic
to my sunken mood and health. They are healthy, creamy and bursting with
flavour. Blueberries are my favourite and I buy them whenever I find them in
the fruits section. I tend to freeze them as that I can use them

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6y the same 67

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Prawn Biryani
Perhaps the best way to enjoy tastes of both the seafood and
the Biryani frontier is to indulge yourself in a sea food Biryani. And by seafood I mostly
mean the Jumbo Prawns or the Langoustine. This time, the local fish seller had
this large jumbo prawns an...

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Narkel Sorshe / Grated Coconut with Mustard Paste
It was one of these days
when it was raining incessantly and the inner me refused to do the chores of
the house. I didn’t even open a book and sat in front of the window,
overlooking the street getting drenched in rain. But of course I had to eat

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Iced Vanilla Coffee
This is a very basic Ice
Coffee recipe...and a popular one. I make this very often because it’s damn
easy to make. And since it’s almost unbearable during the day...a little bit of
indulgence will not hurt. Iced Vanilla Coffee Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 shots ...

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Layali Lubnun
Layali Lubnun is a Lebanese semolina based
dessert. This dessert is very light and refreshing and at the same time
amazingly easy to make. The name of the dessert translates into the nights of
Lebanon and it is truly as beautiful as the name suggests. Abidj...

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Doi Bhat ~ Curd Rice
What I understood as Doi
Bhat in my childhood is a totally different version from the one I am going to
share today. The one that I grew up with is a simple bowl of mashed rice with
sour yogurt and lots and lots of large granulated sugar. This used to be my...

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Punjabi Kadhi Pakora
One of my friends
suggested me to have kadhi...why I didn’t ask...and why on earth did I choose
Punjabi kadhi of all the kadhis in India...I have no idea...but I will say
this...that if you have not eaten kadhi till now, it’s time that you should
give this ...
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