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Ekhart Yoga is our daily awesomeness to ourselves. 
Regularly entering the "flow state of mind" makes us happier and more relaxed human beings. But how do we know when we're in it and how do we get there?
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Are third party candidates spoilers?

The spoiler effect is coming! With much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. It will be described as favoring one candidate over another.

Please do not be fooled! It is a lie! The truth is that neither of the 2 "major" parties have a majority. By far the largest group of voters are Independents and have no party affiliation. It's not even close. 40-45% choose neither Republican nor Democratic. That means the "major" parties split the remaining portion, leaving each with 25-30%. Don't take my word for it look it up. Since when is 30% a majority? How is 30% larger than 40%?

And nearly half of those that pick a "major"party don't like their party's candidate. Which means, if we pull our collective heads out of the media's and political "leaders" asses, we can chart our own course. We can literally take this election by voting third party.

B-b-but Trump! Or b-b-but Hillary, if she's your bugaboo. If the third party bid fails, we can certainly prevent the "major" parties from getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win outright. 270 electoral votes is half the number available. So if no candidate receives half the vote, no one wins on election night.

No one wins in this spoiler scenario. How glorious would that be? I mean electing a third party candidate that lives in the real world and thinks like you and I and is concerned with the same issues that affect you and I would be better! But simply a emphatic, NO! That would make it clear that we demand change.

In that case, we've made our statement that we are finished with the corrupt 2 party system and then it falls to the incoming Congress to pick the President.

So your worst case scenario is that whomever you vote into Congress gets to decide the President. Now that isn't so scary is it? You still get to decide via your elected proxy. In fact, you will probably get your second favorite candidate.

You can vote for a President you like and trust, vote for Congress people you like and trust and everything will be okay. If your Presidential pick doesn't work out, your Congressional pick has your back.

Now let's hear our Congressional candidates tell us how they will vote for the enemy. If not, the fear mongering is a lie.

#JillnotHill   #GreenParty #JillStein2016   #3rdParty   #SpoilerEffect   #USelection   #DemExit  
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Be a part of #HalfABillionForBernie  
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Yo and just a reminder to any one following along with the fiction spread around the mainstream news media, Hillary Clinton is NOT the nominee. She doesn't have the required amount of pledged delegates.

Super delegates do not vote until July.

The news will lie and say she is but it's such a lie it's embarrassing to the USA....which has been embarrassed enough already this last 12 months.
It's a contested convention.

#berniesanders   doesn't have the required number of pledged delegates either, hence the whole CONTESTED convention part.
Come on Philly, we're gonna Bern it up.

And if you know of a Hillary fan, ask what the point of the DNC's nomination win the general right? She does worse, in fact sometimes can't beat the Drumpf in some polls. Bernie does better consistently, so ask yourself...what is the bloody point of all this...?

p.s. the convention is just for kicks and thrills and our plan A.
43 states can write in a name for the general, we will write in Bernie, or if he runs Independent vote Bernie or worst case if he backs away (I doubt it but still) then we vote Jill Stein.
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Bernie Sanders only needs two things to win in California: phonebankers and donors. Pledge to donate 1 to 5 cents for every caller who makes 30 calls for Bernie at

#feelthebern #berniesanders

+Vote Bernie Sanders 2016 +Bernie Sanders +Women For Bernie Sanders 
Pledge to donate between 1¢ and 5¢ for every caller that makes at least 30 calls in a day using
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I saw a couple interesting posts online recently that made me give the side eye...
Referencing a similar theme...different people all over the internet are gasping for the end of the election here in the USA with similar sentiments of "I just can't wait for this to be over."
I hate to bust bubbles (she says whilst holding a great big, freshly sharpened, bubble busting pin) BUT there is no over.
This election has been Pandora's box.
It's not going to end.
You can't stuff all this stuff back in the box and pretend come false holiday fake familial time that none of it happened.
Once you know that people are OKAY with a racist sexual assaulter and an election rigging criminal....that does not "go away"
I mean, how lovely an idea if we can all just forget come election day whoever should win or lose (chances are unless there's a miracle of sanity we are all going to lose.....A "choice" between Clinton or Trump is like picking between explosive diarrhea or explosive vomiting, neither is gonna be good)
There's a saying going round the interwebs and I love it #StayWOKE
It's hard, the apathy is alluring, the charade of x-mas (deliberate inflammatory usage of x there) would suck us down under a turkey coma and black Friday post land theft celebrating, oh, sorry, thanksgiving celebrating haze of peppermint, trees and lights....
Don't lose the light...we do need the light, the silly, the festive.....but as November rolls out every year come Remembrance Day, Never Forget.
Because when you forget you repeat.
"Never Forget" not just for wars past...but the threat of wars future.
Of the causal acceptance of racism, sexual assaulting, bigotry, by half the voting population, of criminal election rigging, racism and rule breaking by the other half.
Once you know that kind of disgusting, abhorrent, un-American like attitudes and behaviors are not only tolerated but accepted...and encouraged through voting....
You can't go back.
No magical date rolling by on the calendar is going to make the division and buried issues in the country just magically quiet down....disappear...
Not. Gonna. Happen.
The infection was always there...and it's better to know, so we can lance it, so we can clean it out and eventually...heal it.
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SO glad you put this up. Fun family time. I want to be there, too:-))
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5 Reasons Jill Stein can succeed in this Presidential election

I've taken to spending some time answering political questions on Quora recently. I was quite active in support of Bernie Sanders and in the last couple of weeks took up the cause of Jill Stein.

An unfounded concern is whether Stein will get a significant number votes. My answer is below.

There are several reasons Stein may attract a significant number of votes, perhaps even sufficient to win.

For all those naysayers, tell me how you felt about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders at the start of the race. You felt like they wouldn’t last 3 months. Don’t deny it.

Read on for my reasoning:

1. Clinton and Trump are the least liked and least trusted candidates in decades. The voters are eager for more options.

2. Trump and Sanders were outsiders, but hugely successful, meaning being an outsider may be a benefit in this election.

3. Stein’s platform is nearly the same as Sanders, so his supporters would feel very comfortable with Stein.

4. The largest segment of voters, Independents, have received little representation in the election so far. Independents account for approximately 45% of voters, yet few states allow them to vote in primaries and they are always under-represented or flat-out merged into the 2 parties in polls. Meaning the general election could be shockingly different than polls and primaries suggest.

5. Main stream media is becoming less and less important with the growth of the internet and social media. So the advantage the 2 parties have with extra media coverage has less influence. Meaning the very favorable response to Sanders and now Stein could have a big impact.

This is an exciting moment in the US, possibly a time of great change in politics and a renewal of democracy!

#greenParty   #JillStein   #SteinBaraka   #ItsInOurHands   #GoGreen   #JillNotHill
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When you live in the USA and are encouraged to be a "part of the revolution" you shouldn't give up...I don't know why you've done the 180 Bernie but you taught us too well the last year.
We WILL vote third party, Jill Stein, "don't tell me" I have to choose between the lesser of 2 evils. "Don't tell me" I have to "unite" with a party that lied & cheated all of us.
Wanting a good, moral, THIRD option is not "a radical idea"
The "US is the only major country in the world" relying on a 2 party system so heavily.
"if Canada can have" multiple parties to represent the diversity of the voting population then "why can't we?"

YOU taught us too well.

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This is an excellent open letter to +Bernie Sanders & Jane.
Pretty much says everything we feel.

#BernieOrBust   #BernieOrGreen   #NeverHillary   #NeverTrump  
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Dr. Dorf is awesome!!!!! My first time going to a chiropractor, though my husband and his family have been to others in the past. I liked the sound of how she approaches things (read up on her on her web site before making an appointment) felt like a good fit for our lifestyle. (We were right on that!) We want knowledge and a path to overall wellness not a magic pill. A good doctor or medical person of any sort in Kingman is RARE...perhaps we've just had a string of really bad luck in that area...but. that's what our personal experience has been. Dr. Dorf rocks! I am so happy we found her. She pinpointed my problem within minutes of my first visit and I only needed a couple more follow ups to feel like myself again. Better than back to "normal" I am armed with a wealth of information on what my problem was so I can watch out for it in the future. Office is relaxing, the people kind...just can't recommend them enough! If you're really wanting to treat your problems, learn about them, heal them, she is the doctor to see.
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Won't go there again unless it's a life or death emergency. And even then I'll be fighting to get transferred somewhere else. Nurses were kind..that's the best I can say.
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