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9 Lists to Calm Your Soul
Self-care is the cornerstone of a healthy life.  Of course, we take care of our body with rest, smart foods and plenty of exercise. But what about when it’s our soul that needs soothing? When we’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad or gloomy? [click here to...

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15 Signs You Might Be a Christmas Fanatic
December is here
and, finally , we are fully free to let
our Christmas fanatic freak flag fly! We survived October
and all the Facebook posts bemoaning the early stocking of store shelves. We soared through
November and the cries of: “It’s not even Thanksgi...

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5 Things to Stuff Besides Your Thanksgiving Turkey...
by far, is what I love most about Thanksgiving. Cornbread stuffing, sausage
stuffing, stuffing covered in gravy – I love it all. Family, too, of course,
and turkey and all the other trimmings, but stuffing…it’s just so incredibly
good! In

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'tis the season...

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The things on my list...
  I've heard it said that when you love your
work, you'll never work a day in your life.   Besides family, friends, and what promises to
be an amazing feast - this Thanksgiving eve I am feeling especially thankful
for my work with Totally Orderly . Eleven y...

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Can You Prove You are You? 3 Ways to Protect Your Identity if Disaster Strikes
Imagine a fire, a
flood, a tornado taking everything – your home and all of its contents. Imagine
your laptop, smart phone, files and wallet - gone, too. Could you recreate your
identity? Could you prove you are who you say you are? Could you prove you
are ...

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Beyond Canned Food and Flashlights | 3 Things You Must Know about Disaster Preparedness
The Pacific Northwest flies under the radar as natural disasters go. We get the occasional wind storm
or mudslide, and forest fires are certainly a summertime regular, but tornadoes
and hurricanes or weeks of sub-zero temps mostly stay away. Which is partly...

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What happens when you have an emergency? Being prepared is critical. Join me in creating all the essential kits you will need. 

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"What If..." Preparing for a Disaster, Planning for Survival | Step Two: Car Kit
The children were
outside playing and the adults were indoors cooking. The evening sun was
setting over a spectacular view of snowcapped mountains. And someone was
pounding on the door screaming “Fire! Get out now!” We called the kids
inside, turned off the...

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The first of a four part series on Emergency Preparedness - Step One: The Under the Bed Kit
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