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When our children tell our story, they'll tell the story of tonight...
When our children tell our story, they'll tell the story of tonight...

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Having it since launch last July, another reason this has been my favorite phone. The only thing that could make it better would be selling it unlocked and making system images available.

If you're in the market for a new phone, want a flagship but don't want to spend a ton, can't more highly recommend 

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This question was worth a dime 

My brand new, less than a week old Asus C302c (aka Flip 2) seems to not want to charge. I've started an RMA for it, but didn't know if anyone here had similar problems or might know of a fix.

It blinks orange. I plugged it in overnight with the included charger and woke up the next day to it stuck at 50 percent. It slowly died today even though it said it was charging. It just kept going down. 

Anyone else running an Acer r13 and find their touchscreen capability going in and out over the past few days?

It started happening two days ago. I called Acer andGoogle and there were no reported problems.

It feels like a software issue, not hardware. Sometimes a hard reset will get it up and running again.

Running it on the beta channel

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If you drive, Android Auto puts everything in a quick and easy place to get to. Maps, music, voice controls. Locks your phone so you can't do anything else. Can't more highly recommend!

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How much phone do you need? Is it worth $700?

The $400 or less phone is where it's at.

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Hi, new to installing Crouton on my Acer R 13.

I installed every thing fine, but when I start it I get the following messages in the pictures.

Can't quite figure out what's wrong. Someone recommended disabling Xscreensaver, but apt-get isn't recognized from the command line

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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I can vouch. This is a beautiful and exceptional machine.

Now for Android developers to start building with Chromebooks in mind

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Okay... you have my attention

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This is more or less what tipped my hand to using Signal. Companies might have to give the government its metadata, but the less of it there is, the better

If you're on Android, using it is analogous to using iMessage on Apple. If the other person uses Signal, the message is encrypted. If not, it sends it as an SMS.

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