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Key Connector #5: Striving to be Tomorrow..TODAY!
In Chapter 5 of "What Connected Educators Do Differently", we are reminded that as educators, we strive to inspire our students to believe that they can truly achieve the success they long for. However--are we doing this for ourselves to? Do we take the tim...

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Key Connector #4: Education-It's All About Give and Take!
After reading the fourth key connector, "Give and Take", I find that most of my giving is happening in my daily workplace and/or at various district-level meetings and collaborations. Though I am able to share ideas with my fellow BPS colleagues, I know tha...

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Key Connector 3: The Three C's
As we continue to read "What Connected Educators Do Differently" , I am finding myself gaining a better understanding on how to be an effective 21st Century educator. In order to do so, Whitaker, Casas, and Zoul tell us to, "embrace the three C's".  This in...

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Key Connector 2: #LearningWhatIWant
One of the greatest things about being a connected educator is that I have the choice to learn what I want. How am I able to do this?  Teachers are constantly sharing their most innovative ideas on different social media outlets.  The two biggest avenues in...

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It's Been Awhile...
Almost two years ago, I set out on this new journey in my teaching career called "The iPad Academy". My classroom was transforming from the "traditional setting" to a 1:1 iPad room. The purpose of blogging then was to document my journey--the highs, the low...

Hi Everyone!

This is short notice, but my fourth grade class is looking to connect with a class to participate in a Mystery Hangout session on Monday morning/afternoon. If you are interested please let me know! My email is

(We are from Bellevue, Nebraska!)

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We Are Officially iPaddling Through Our Day... (Part Two)
Well, here it is--part two of the "We Are Officially iPaddling Through Our Day" series! I will be discussing a few more apps that have become a staple in my classroom. These apps include: Notability, Google Earth, KidBlog, and Popplet! Notability:  Notabili...

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Yes, it has been brought to my attention that I have not published a blog post in FOREVER. Yes, I FINALLY published one today. Life is SOO busy these days! #ipadacademyproblems  

We Are Officially iPaddling Through Our Day...(Part One)
WOW! looking at the date of my first post, many would assume that I've been completely disconnected with this journey, but that is the complete OPPOSITE! Life in fourth grade is busier than EVER! I figured I'd finally publish this draft---especially...

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We are a fourth grade class from Bellevue, Nebraska, that will become a 1:1 classroom VERY soon! My students blogged about the news today. We'd LOVE to have visitors and comments!

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