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The home has wifi access again and protection via a router. I have never had a router die on me so it took me a few days to accept. I was never so happy to have a smartphone ~ a true life jacket during the outage.

Time for me to step away from the computer and shop. Can you feel my excitement? I'm looking for Sony Bloggie, Roku 2 XS and items at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I know I'm crazy!

I was so sure I'd find prices as low as $40 on a 64 gb USB drive during this holiday. Traditionally retailers pull out all the stops to lure us in, but it didn't happen, of course. I got pretty close though, I found a Lexar 64 gb for $49 and can now consolidate an 8 gb and 16 gb on to the 64 gb. I love tech becoming physically smaller while memory expands!

I checked Amazon for one item yesterday and that was a 64 GB USB Flash drive, which I found for $54.99. Believing Cyber Monday would herald more aggressive pricing I didn't buy it. Today the same item is priced at $69.99 - grrr!

Same thing with the Roku 2 XS normally priced $99.95 Amazon sold this item this morning for $89.99 - $10 is not a "good" deal that's enticing me to buy. Are you finding 'sale' prices to be anything but?

Contemplating a position change that will mean Boo and I pass each other in the morning, have only dinner together and require I work weekends. Such a change will significantly increase my salary. I must decide if it's worth it.

Sailors saying about sunset & sunrise:
Red at night a sailor's delight.
Red in the morning a sailor's warning.

Just heard there's a large fire parallel to the Cajon Pass and affecting traffic to/from Vegas. Lots of folks heading to Lost Wages for the holiday and I don't envy them in this bumper to bumper traffic. Hopefully my friends bypassed the temporary shut down. I hope no one loses their property.

So far I've uninstalled HeyTell, Get Glue & Yahoo! Mail apps because they drained my Evo's battery. I'm pretty sure the G+ app is next. Anyway clicking an emailed alert/update takes me to the G+ WEBSITE where I need to manually login. I can easily check the G+ site for updates or to post thus preserving battery life.

Pondering how Sam's Club gets to sell the iPad and Costco, a company with an outstanding return policy and great customer service, doesn't.

Spent the day with my mom, she was in an exceptional mood (thank you, Lord), and I couldn't believe my ears when she told me Amy Winehouse had died. I felt profound sadness. She had talent but was so lost.
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