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+Sullivan and Son TBS Executive Producer Vince Vaughn and star Steve Byrne want to answer your questions during their LIVE Hangout Monday, July 23 at 12:30pm ET!
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Hey steve its Romeo Horsecock from the improv West Palm Beach, im sure you dont remember me and there is tons of Romeo horsecocks out there but great show and I plan on supporting your tv as well as stand up.
Dump the laugh track, the sitcom lighting, and typical "laugh per line" BS, and I think you might have something here. Come On Vince, you are better than this, and by selling out to the executives you are going to drag Steve down too.  What if you guys let the studio executives have their way with "Swingers" ???
Although I'm currently in a Vegas casino, i watched both episodes! That's gotta count for something :) Good show!
+Josh Wells so you admit you were laughing per line and you are complaining? You are aware that the whole purpose of a sitcom is to keep you entertained and laughing and that if they don't do that then they are a failure? 
Hilarious show..was looking forward to it ever since the promo's started airing..I was not disappointed.  Great job.
Brian Doyle Murray was outstanding with his politically incorrect statements..
+Josh Wells Wells...Hi; I think there is a "translation" issue here with your comment...there is NO laugh track. There were live audiences at ALL tapings of SULLIVAN AND SON...as well as at the run-throughs, which is a rare thing! This show REALLY goes all out!
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