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My latest article is a review of several website auditor tools. Which one did I miss? What information did I misinterpret? Have at it!

Many thanks to +Raven Tools for publishing it.
Discover website auditor tools that meet the needs of novices and experts. Read this impartial review of 10 website audit tools brought to you by Raven.
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2 more for desktop: +Microsys - Tools & IIS SEO Toolkit (I have no affiliation to either but have used both to varying degrees)
Oh yeah, I think I've used the IIS SEO Tool (free down from MS?). It had a bunch of layers and ways to repurpose (view) the data. It was bewildering to me at the time. Maybe I'll understand it better now. ;)

Haven't heard of the Microsys tool (I'm old enough to remember Microsys computers).

Thanks for the comment, +Dean Cruddace.
Very welcome Joe, wrote a quick guide to IIS SEO toolkit on Search Engine People a few years back; I'll see if I can find it
From 4 years ago gulp, there is a very good chance that not much of that overview will still apply so might be worth another dive into?
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