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Building Community that Transforms Lives
Building Community that Transforms Lives


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Consider the Personal or Month Heavenly Doctor Star in a date
This is different than Tian Yi in 8 Mansions and Gua formulas.
Avoid your personal Illness & Extinction Stars
Further Factors to consider

An ideal world, we would avoid all the below:
• ALL BREAKER DAYS - clashes to the month, year, personal day branches
• Calamity Sha days - usually bring about bodily harm, injuries and illness. Not a good day to have medical procedures done, especially by opposite sex.
This is the cardinal branch to the year or month 3Killings location. Cardinal branches are always the 4 peach blossoms or the branch with only one element (Rabbit, Horse, Rooster, Rat are the cardinals and have pure qi)

Eg. 2017, Rabbit/Mao is the Calamity Sha to the year because it is the clashing to the Rooster/You year. For a month, it is the body clash of the 3Killings in any month. Remember the body clash is the opposite of the middle branch in the 3 killings.

• Sickness Charm of Illness Star - Most negative of year energy can cause illness. I posted the table for how to find your Sickness Star. It is when your stem sees the branch animal with the same polarity of element. Eg. Ren (Yang Water) Day Master sees Pig which has as its main Qi - Ren water. It is in metasoft software if you need to use the cheat method.

• Voluminous Day - Brings on 2 of everything, Eg, redoing or another surgery. This is one of the more negative stars of the bad bunch. Always look for this star. Only use it when you are ok with things multiplying.

• White Tiger Day - Lawsuits and injuries, blood related accidents. Sometimes call the White Tiger She Entering the Centering Palace. Labeled in the both software under the Special Stars. These are related to the Graveyard branches, Ox, Goat, Dog, Dragon.

• Yellow Embrace - loss of vitality and health, so use for diet or health and it will drain you.

• Yang Mistake - Day of extreme coincidence mistakes, mostly bad happens, avoid all activities - the outcome are just like Yin Mistakes

• Yin Mistake – Day of extreme mistakes, you can plan carefully but something goes wrong, most difficult to solve, unsolved mysteries. Eg. Surgery on this day they leave a needle in you. Avoid important activity on yin or yang mistake days.
• Knife Block – inauspicious star, means you go onto the surgery table. It is ok if you by choice or doctor tells you, you need surgery and there are other strong red stars and the other ratings are supportive of surgery.

JY's ProTongShu software will list if surgery is bad on the date.
#DateSelection #ProTongShu #SurgeryDates #IllnessStar #PersonalHeavenDoctorStar #ExtinctionStar #DateSelectionMedicalProcedures #PersonalDateSelection
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A weekend that will transform your life
Joey Yap in London for THRIVE 2018!
Oct 15-17

Special Price - £697

If you are interested, fill out the form and return in private message. Mastery Academy will handle your transaction.

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A Live Case Study in Action

Did Donald Trump trigger negative energy by renovating the White House & looking at the Eclipse?

The White House underwent renovations Aug 4-20.
The renovations included 2 of the most negative areas we recommend to absolutely avoid disturbing in 2017 - the South & West sectors. The areas renovated were the South Portico and the West Wing.

What does that mean in Feng Shui terms?
When land and earth are disturbed in negative sectors, serious repercussions can be felt, from mildly bad to catastrophic. The degree of bad, depends on what work is done, what is in the birth chart of the occupants and what is in the environment.

South Portico in the “Danger Zone”
The South is visited by energy we call the 5 Yellow, making it the year's “Danger Zone.” We advise people at all cost, to refrain from disturbing this zone. Major disturbance in this sector will likely lead to negative consequences.

The only exception to this situation is if the sector has a vast open space such as a courtyard. The White House does have this feature, which then softens the blow.

West has the “Grand Duke”
The Grand Duke which is seen as the king of the year. Its energy is associated with fierceness, that if disturbed, has the capacity for a string of bad luck, from hitting your body, seeing loss of wealth, to accidents. We recommend avoid activating the negative energies. In fact, we discourage people from spending time in this area as it will increase potential for misfortune and accidents.
When the home of the leader of a country is touched, it affects the overall population.

Does it really cause damage? If so, how quickly? Well, let’s look at the timeline of events since the renovations.


Aug 11 & 12 - Charlottesville Tragedy
While the renovations cannot be blamed for the event, what happened after, can. Maybe a matter of coincidence, the Grand Duke is associated with accidents and bodily harm. While Trump was not a part of it directly, he became a part of by virtue of his actions.

Aug 11 & 16 - In response to Trump’s 3 public statements, widespread condemnation lead to a drop in poll ratings.…/trump-charlottesville-presidency.……/president-trump-charlottesville-r……/trump-charlottesville-presidency.…

Aug 14-16 - Catholic Bishops & the Mormon Church take unexpected positions.…/how-catholic-response-cha…

Aug 16 - Many members of Trump's own party emerge in an unprecedented move, to publicly condemn his role.

Aug 16 - "Two of Trump's councils with business leaders disbanded on Wednesday, after a mass exodus made it untenable for the groups to continue. The members of President Donald Trump's main business council agreed to disband the group..."

14 members of the councils resigned in protest, followed by the stock market dropping. While it is common for the market to drop in Aug -Oct, this one is blamed on Trump's actions.

Aug 16 - Committee on Arts & Humanities resigned leading Trump to skip the Kennedy Center Honors celebration…/white-house-arts-committee-…/index.html

Aug 19 - Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is fired.

Aug 22 - Bannon declares war, “Now I am free, my hands are back on my
weapons. I am definitely going to crush the enemy.”

Aug 21 - 16 organizations cancel events at Mar-a-Lago.…/which-charities-have-canceled-gal…/

Aug 22 - Secret Service can’t afford to pay for Trump’s security…/secret-service-donald-trump…/index.html

Aug 22 - Trump looks at the solar eclipse. For us in the feng shui community, this is a big NO NO.


If what Joey Yap says about watching the eclipse brings bad luck, what does this mean? I don’t think 200 Million people watching the eclipse will all see bad luck. It matters what each person has in their birth charts and what’s happening in their homes. But what can happen is the effect can derive from the country’s leader.

An eclipse has the most effect on those with a dog in their birth chart as the 21st was a dragon day which clashes the dog. It means those are the people who will feel the brunt of any issues.

Joey Yap's take on the solar eclipse
For those in the feng shui community who believe what Joey Yap says, will wonder, was Trump’s looking at the eclipse an accident? Especially when glasses were provided? Or was it merely a reflection of his birth chart?
What will be the result of these events?


Trump’s birth chart is below. He is in a luck cycle termed a full “Bully Punishment.” This is when an Ox, Goat and Dog appear in your chart at the same time. This is what Trump has in his current 10 year cycle.

The definition of a bully punishment means you are being bullied or internally you bully yourself. The cause of situation is the person's own carelessness from the inability to say no & is overburdened with work and responsibility.

Relationships with the government get ruined, legal issues, IRS problems come.
External punishment is you may lose a lawsuit b/c the evidence is against you or the other party is better positioned. Internally, it means the person hand is forced due to circumstances of their own making and finds themselves helpless, w/o leverage because of their own carelessness. It is a payback for a mistake or slip-up. The bully punishment can go either way. You get bullied, or you are the bully.


Next year, the effect will be magnified. It is a dog year which started to ascend this Aug. Events will become pronounced, especially in Jan, July and Oct.

The White House is on a South/North axis. The 5 Yellow moves to the North sector, which is the back of the White House. A home facing or sitting with the 5, experiences the 5's worst effect. The 5 coincides with the punishment in Trump's Chart for 2018. Each plays 1/3 into his "luck quotient."

This is a teaching moment about when a BaZi converges with Feng Shui. What comes first? The birth chart giving rise to the renovation's timing? Or the renovations triggered the chart's problem?

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JOEY YAP live in NEW YORK - Oct 22-23, 2017
Feng Shui & Astrology Year of the Earth Dog 2018

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Set up your personal #2017 #FireRooster QiMenDunJia and FengShui for success! Important to set up before Feb 3!

Our 2017 FIRE ROOSTER QI MEN DUN JIA Webinar #2 is now available online.

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* Use the Hexagrams of each palace.
* Look at the interplay between QMDJ & Annual Feng Shui

Tutorial #1 Fire Rooster Flying Star webinar, included how to:
* Apply the annual Flying
* Apply the 4 Annual Nobles
* Look at the interrplay between your gua & the Flying Stars.

This gives you 3.5 hours of information!

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Thanks to all those who joined us today!

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Bernice Low​ on the Officer Element in BaZi
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