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Bernice Low​ on the Officer Element in BaZi

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What the #QiMenDunJia chart shows
Assessment #1 Oct 10, 2016

A colleague asked for an opinion about the US presidential election based on the QM chart. So here is my stab at it.

It certainly has been a roller coaster ride, unfortunately running like a reality TV show.... and distasteful.

I consider #2 debate to be the new marker for casting a chart - Oct 10, 6pm, as that is when I watched the debate.

Trump born in 1946 so we use his year BaZi stem - which is Yang Fire, Bing in the chart chart of Oct 10.
Clinton born in 1947, sow we use her year BaZi stem - w which is Yin Fire, Ding in the chart

In London in May this year, the Art of War + 36 Stratagem's class, we did an assessment of the elections. As a full class exercise and also separately, a small team did an independent analysis. Both charts had similarities. At that time it was up in the air and could go either way.

If you do not know, the QM charts are not so much predictions as they are forecasting moments in time. The forecast of a chart can change due to the actions of one side or the other, either because the parties know how to use QM and/or they take some action that alter's in the outcome of the chart. We use QM to understand the situation someone is in. If we do not like the outcome, it will show you options to pursue to change the scenario.

Regardless of what anyone may think about Trump, I have for sometime felt he is using #QiMenDunJia. Already a user of feng shui, it is only a step away from QM warcraft. He is a follower of Sun Tzu's Art of War according to a public statement he made about the classic (I am told from a colleague). For QMDJ to be the most effective, it requires the user to be objective and clear of mind.

Certainly, given Trump's temperament and level of unconventional behavior, he has made an unbelievable achievement. Without any experience, he defeated 16 republican candidates to become his party's nominee.

Trump managed to stay pretty close to Clinton in % points despite perceived cataclysmic flaws. Many predicted the death of his run, numerous times. Yet he has taken the lead in some polls and has managed to rise from the rubble time and again. According to some experts, likely to least before last Friday's "locker room talk" tape being made public.

While Clinton has her set of negatives, for Trump to be where he is, is remarkable given his political experience, temperament and character. He has repeatedly come up from under water after being hit with big blows. He openly and continually denies his unorthodox comments and beliefs despite them being recorded and publicly aired. His supporters remain loyal. While Clinton has her own problems with truth, Trump's level of fluctuations of truth are unprecedented and caught on air .

Even with last Friday's sex talk on the bus, Trump managed to pull off Sunday's debate and manage some of the damage. At least according to his jubilent campaign team, who along with Fox news, a conservative news show, claimed victory. Indeed it was a victory as the debate was Trump's to lose. However, Trump managed to hold on and even kept Clinton on the defensive. While the polls still had her the winner in the debate, Trump held on, and stopped the bleeding of his republican defectors.

ASSESSMENT of Oct 10 6pm QM chart

Trump is Bing in the South palace
Clinton is Ding in Northwest palace
The spoils or the outcome, is Yi in the Northeast.

Is in S w/a positive stem. He is timely in the South and has a team of smart strategists who are using multiple tactics to achieve their goal as seen in Ding. Peel hexagram, normally a disaster gua, it is auspicious in Oct, the Dog month. Level 2 Moon is a sign of a defensive position, w/ a hidden agenda. Key factors include Death Door which indicates stagnation, standstill or the death of something. Death & Emptiness in also in the S. Both negatives and positives are in DE, so each at 50% strength. What is good is half, what is bad is half.

"剝床以足,蔑貞凶....normally is defined as "a bed with split legs indicates that those who choose to persevere shall be doomed to failure and misfortune. When inferior people start to rise to the top, and begin their ascent from below in attempts to undermine the position of the superior person. Those who are openly loyal to the person in charge are open to be destroyed by slander and malicious gossip. The situation portends disaster. However, a counter measure is not recommended. It will be best for one to wait it out."

#JoeyYap's Plum Blossom book.
With Peel hexagram timely, the gua will show positives in Oct. However, it is in DE so the good is only 50% positive.

IMAGE PROBLEMS in Self Punishment
Trump is suffering image problems as indicated by Scenery, untimely in SE w/Gui and Geng, water and metal in a wood in a palace is in a clashing relationship. He has hidden obstacles (Geng) caused by himself shown by Gui in 6 Crescent Punishment in Southeast. He is caught in a net (gui) he created himself. Grass Star is timely but w/negative stems in punishment so will show its negative traits. Harmony, indicates many, so the errors in leadership are multiple. Level 3 = attack mode, will go for broke, no holds bar, a fight to the death. As the SE produces him, these things are coming to him.

Here is definition of Grass from my notes.
• It is seen as most energetic of all, fearless, imaginative, good star because equal to the Greedy Wolf Tan Lang star, upbeat and self reliant, natural born leader, optimistic, in friendships the bond is permanent.
• Fiercely protective, temper is unpredictable, like a diva.
• Takes on business, crave excitement and need it.
• Prefer their way and become childish at times, can be egotistical and then become docile and friendly.
• Respond badly to criticism as they take it personally. They like to get their way but are terrible liars.
• Natural born leader with leadership skills. Self-doubt can come out
before beginning something, and they can conceal it from others.
• Outgoing, single mind on goals and success, have followers, groupies somehow, even though impulsive, and act and talk without thinking things through.

Interestingly enough, Grass is Trump's star in his personal QM chart which reflects the character of a person.

East also produces him. Tiger will go for the jugular and fight to the finish and is fearless and not afraid of bloodletting. Heart is a leader, but it is untimely in E. So its positives take a twist. Delusion is preparation, waiting and hiding but also making use of information. E is also in 6 crescent punishment w/Wu. Both wood palaces are producing him, indicating self inflicted wounds caused by his own leadership are coming to him.

In NW w/ positive stems, outcome is good. Level 6, 9 Heavens, she has protection and a good strategy. A timely Rest door indicates her actions are working for her with her followers, despite a tarnished image as seen in Hero - untimely in the NW. She has hidden capital on her side. Not Yet Accomplished - she is not out of the woods yet and not accomplished what she hopes. However, Accomplished hexagram follows NYA, with one Yao line change, so well within reach.

Horse Star shows something unexpected happens. On one side was the bus recording of Trump which benefits Clinton. On the other, she was hit by the press conference Trump held w/ Bill Clinton's sexual harassment accusers just before the debate and then the women brought by Trump to sit in the audience, clearly intended to rattle both Clintons.

Noticeably, all family members on both sides looked pained and uncomfortable. Both sides were hit by negatives and you could see in their faces, they were unsettled and embarrassed. Actually, a very sad commentary on US politics.

Clinton has the benefit of Chief in the same element palace as her, so has the point of control. At level 4, it indicates she must stop and take stock of her own performance and reevaluate objectively and accurately in order to improve her own chances. Nobleman will show up with Super Assisting structure. Someone comes to her assistance. Likely it is in part the movement of women emerging wanting to expose sexual assault and rape culture. Open door indicates good opportunities available to her. Small Livestock is the slow growth of assets. But, is not without obstacles as seen by the geng.

Clinton herself is suffering from her own set of self inflicted wounds as seen by Ji earth stem in a 6 crescent punishment position in the SW. She too has good strategists (Xin), who are cunning. It shows she has been "caught" at some actions that may cause her legal problems. She has people on her side who are frenemies, acting like the good guy with ill intent.

As Trump is in the South fire palace, he is countering Clinton in the NW metal palace. He is putting up a fight with his strategists. With Moon he is not showing all his cards. He is fighting with everything he's got. But he is his own worst enemy as indicated by the 2 self punishments in regards to his leadership.
Is Yi the outcome stem is in NE w/ two of the Nobles Yi and Bing. The earth palace is producing Pillar. Pillar is a fighter, someone who will fight to the end to defeat the competition, a believer in their cause. Tortoise at L7 indicates winning by not all honest means, using cunning to succeed.

TORTOISE as defined from my notes
Master magician, mesmerizing, influence, mind control, mind reading, can be in tune with how people think, smart, cunning, good at turning facts to their direction.

"The Black Tortoise is generally understood to be an immoral deity with an affinity for dark secrets, greed, impropriety, thievery, trickery. It has no compunction about taking what it wants without permission. It is quick tongued, argumentative and mischievous. Despite all that, however, it represents both sides of the law: the criminal and the police officer, the prisoner and the prison guard." #JoeyYap's QM Compendium.

With Yi and Bing stems there, some of its most negative traits are softened. Yi is things achieved with ease. Bing is the stem that shows the person can achieve their goals through a fight. Bing is the direct fighter, the one that can defeat the enemy, Geng. Following HX indicates the outcome is achieved by building a following.

As the NE is earth producing NW, metal, the chart shows the spoils will go to Clinton.

Still, I would not underestimate Trump and his ability to pull rabbits out of a hat. However, his inability to maintain composure has been a weakness. While not to his loyal followers, costly to the votes he needs to win over. If in fact he is using QM, his self inflicted wound is the inability to get into an objective mindset which is required for the effective use of QM Art of War. The very tool that could help him, he may not be in the right frame of mind to execute. Although, it has served him well enough to get to this point.

#DonaldTrump #HilaryClinton #2016PresidentialElections #QiMenDunJia #JoeyYap #QMDJUSElectionAssessment #ClintonTrump
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After 3rd Presidential debate Oct 19, 2016

QMDJ Assessment - Who wins it?
Assessment #2

I took the 3rd presidential debate as a new marker to see if the QM analysis conforms to the polls or if Trump pulls out an unexpected win like he did in the Republican primary.

Oct 19, 6pm my time as that is the time I watched the debate.

Trump's year stem is Bing. He is in Northeast palace in the chart
Clinton's year stem is Ding. She is in Southeast palace in the chart.

The notes in quotes are from JY's QM 100 Formations book.

Remember, QM reflects a moment in time. QM is used to to forecast, vs to predict. It just tells you what is currently going on, a reflection of a moment in time. What is in the chart, will give information to the reader, what can be done to change the scenario if they do not like the forecast.



Is in an earth palace is w/Ji & Ren stems, Tortoise, Life Door @ Level 0 (weak position).

Trump being Bing is a fighter, the one who will go the course, fight to the end. Bing is the only one who can destroy Geng (enemy). When you see bing, they are the ones able to meet their goal.

JI REN Stems in SW
Trump's in trouble w/Ji Ren hidden Stems. Ji in SW is 6 crescent punishment = self-inflicted wounds. Ji Ren is soil in water = muddy water, confusion. Ren in SW magnifies contaminated water. The thinking is off.

Tortoise is fake, lying or something gets stolen from you.
Result - the palace is in trouble bc of Ji/Ren contamination w/Tortoise.

JI REN - 100Formations book definition

"...highly inauspicious .....denotes scheming, betrayal, adultery, scandals, treachery. One’s mental state... in constant turmoil.... difficult to keep a clear will feel constantly trapped emotionally & be constantly stressed even by the most trivial of problems. A lack of planning & poor strategy further compounds the problem. This is not helped by the fact that there is an indication that employees are disloyal & unsupportive."

Trump appeared to not have a strategy as much as a populace msge which resonated w/his voters. The disloyal "employees" refers to Republican defectors & voters finding it hard to march into the sunset w/him given his gaffes, regardless of despising Clinton. The basis is self-inflicted wounds which has caused confusion & emotional distress amongst his own party members (not his loyal supporters).

SOUTH PALACE - Produces Trump

What does S palace bring to Trump?

GENG/XIN = the two enemies of Jia are colluding together.

GENG = Geng is the enemy of Jia. Metal cutting wood equals= end game. Geng is the #1 bad guy. They bring obstructions, problems, hassles, blockages, danger. All that you see as issues is Geng. Major sha qi of all forecasting. Represents thief, criminal, enemy. If can’t find enemy, plot a chart & see where Geng is - that shows problem. In this case the problems are plenty & they are coming to Trump.

XIN = Xin is also against Jia ....Jia talks about discipline & control. Xin cuts this....indirectly chops Jia as it disagrees w/ the path chosen. Xin tends to go its own rebellious way. The Grand Marshall (Jia), says go this way. Xin, says, "I have my own way, a better way," although it is not proven. It's a scheme, a path. Represents their own sense & feeling of justice, integrity, & independence. Need to follow their own freedom....set own path, out of normal.

GENG w/ XIN = "There are unexpected dangers approaching. Two Metals are equivalent to a sword fight... indicates that brothers w/in the household... remain at each others’ throats. .....there may rivalry or unhealthy competition. There is a chance of a robbery or looting. Personal possessions may be lost."

GENG XIN w/ Life Door
"With such high expectations in the future, you are bound to be disappointed.... you spend too much time inside your own head – talking of imagining what you’d like rather than taking any real action.... you may have a vision but you are unlikely to succeed in bringing it to life. You need to be more practical if you want to achieve anything."

This, I take as Trump wrapped up in critiques of him, that it prevents him from staying focused on issues that matter (he has a msge that resonates but has not focussed on it). Instead he focuses on the lying sexual harassment accusers, rigged elections, his republican "enemies"....vs defining more clearly his plan to make America Great Again.


CLINTON in Southeast palace

Is in Southeast w/ Harmony Door @ level 6. Her success depends on preparation & getting people to "love" or follow her, which has been a challenge due to her low likability factor. She can do this now w/ Delusion Door. It is a door in Fu Yin, but w/good stems, her actions are in sync w/the situation. Basically holding the course, what Trump has called a disastrous status quo leader. But it is holding for her now. Harmony always indicates "lots of..."

She will benefit from her actions despite her untimely Heart star. Heart is the Heaven or Qian Gua. Qian in SE is metal wood clashing. This explains her male style of leadership is untimely. Hence her low trust quotient. However, she can overcome because of the 3 red formations there (see below).


Her year stem signals an intelligent strategist who uses multiple tactics to succeed. She is w/Yi wood, so the things going on around her are come her easily. In this case, information, data, her preparation is paying off. I see delusion in the SE is her reaching out aggressively to female voters.

**DING YI - stems in SE palace - are the 3Nobles in a prosperous palace.

"With this formation, help & assistance will be available.....Other people will shower him or her with their goodwill & assistance. This level of concern will lead one to true happiness in life....."


**DING YI w/Delusion Door (Wood door in wood palace).
"..... You will need to plan things carefully & do the best work that you can for now.....If you want others to love you, you must have the confidence to offer your love to them in the very first place......."
If she could show the warm & fuzzy part, she would do better.


1. DING in SE = Sun Prosperity
"....opportunities & new platform will open up, signifying the beginning of many great things ahead..... luck will definitely take a turn for the better."

2. DING in SE = Ding Noble Receives Envoy
"...formation is very positive....will support most is particularly helpful in seeking the right platform to really develop one’s potential. At the heart of this combination lies the ability to match talent to activity in order to achieve the best possible results. For this reason career pursuits are particularly favored....."

3. DING w/DELUSION & H = Earth Fake
"....considered to be helpful when an individual wishes to remain concealed, seek refuge, obtain confidential information, or keep a low profile.....In the modern era this same formation may be of use to those who wish to....shake off the shackles of a bond....."


Chief in W = neither candidate has the point of power. Could Trump show a surprise?

9 Heavens in NW = strategy will not be the basis of victory. Likely because planning time as long past at this point.


Is in the E, wood palace, same as Clinton in SE wood. Basically can be interpreted as the outcome is "with her." Trump in NE earth palace is countered by the Outcome palace. She is at Level 6 while he @ Level 0.

This assessment matches the last one from the 2nd debate. I believe Clinton pulls it out.

As this year is unusual, take a look at Brexit, surprise is an element in the year. Let's see if the above holds to be true.

Pls add your observations if I have missed something!

#DonaldTrump #HilaryClinton #2016PresidentialElections #QiMenDunJia #JoeyYap #QMDJUSElectionAssessment #ClintonTrump #USElectionWinner
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My Nephew Ben doing what he did in his youth....only now in a suit!

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2016 Fire Monkey Predictions by Joey Yap
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