Would You Join Anonymous' Cause?

I never understand completely what Anonymous' objectives are; I don't agree with their way of "bringing awareness" to issues or organizations that they stand for or against. And I definitely don't trust such a group to hand over the control of my computer to advance their cause.

But I guess the hackivist group has quite a following among hackers and commoners alike. Whether you've already joined Anonymous' cause, or thinking about it, I strongly caution against the idea. With such a "loose-nit" group where there is really no standards of conduct other than "honor among thieves", you really don't know what could happen once you surrender your computer to these (borderline) criminals.

And if you had participated in their activities before and had no issue, there is no telling there isn't going to be, since you have no idea who is part of the group and who is not. Plenty of scammers operate under the banner of "Anonymous" but only work to steal from you (whether it's your money, information, or both).

As ZDNet (and many other news sources) reported the last couple of days, someone uploaded a trojan, a Zeus-infected version of Slowloris into the list of DDoS tools that Anonymous has been distributing to its supporters two months ago, and infected the Anon supporters' computers. What does that Zeus trojan do? It steals email account and banking information from infected computers.

If you still want to support Anonymous' cause by letting them use your computer for their purposes, do it at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you what could happen...

So do you still want to join Anonymous' cause?
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