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A Letter to Myself
1, 2015 Dear Marji,             I am writing this letter on the 25th
of June 2016 with only a few days left in L.A. This is proof that you will
indeed survive this year and be a better person for it. However, it will be the
hardest one out of your...

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Advice from a Tree
              Yosemite National Park                The 4 year olds wanted to share their stuffed animals! As I’m sure you can imagine a lot has happened in L.A. since
I last wrote a blog in March. Here are a few snapshot sentences of what I have been up to...

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Out of the Box
It is now officially spring time! It’s a season for new
flowers and fresh ideas to break forth from the winter slump. While the weather
here has not taken any noticeable turn from the average 70 degrees and sunny,
there is definitely a new energy in the air...

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What is love?
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! February is
certainly my favorite month, bathed in the colors pink and red, celebrating
what it means to love each other, whether romantically or as close friends and
family, or even to love a stranger. Love Train has been o...

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One Day at a Time
Beauty in the world! I have always felt as if the first few months of a new year
are when time moves the fastest. This January in 2016 has been no exception! It
is now the end of the first week in February and I am 23 years old. I could
stop and do a lot of...

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Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover
Christmas LA Zoo Lights Happy New Year, everyone! I
am safely back in Hollywood after a wonderful Christmas break at home in
Maryland with my parents and West Virginia with my friends. It was a much
needed retreat to see the familiar McCoy Christmas tree wi...

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I'll Be Home for Christmas!
I’ll be home for Christmas in 10 days! Right now it feels
like Christmas in July. The palm trees are still green and I could have worn
shorts to go ice skating downtown last week. The only things reminding me of
that nostalgic Christmas feeling are visits t...

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Part 2: The Mexican Ants
I made a friend named Roberto last week. He is in his early
40’s and has a wife and two daughters. He is a hard worker and you can tell by
the sun spots on his face that he spends a significant amount of time outside. Roberto
is used to a long commute. In f...

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Part 1: The American Lens
View on the drive over to Tucson, AZ. The situation on the U.S./Mexico border is very complicated.
But thanks be to God for his many ways of teaching us compassion, I was able to
get a small taste of both sides of the story this past week.  The YAVs from Ho...

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Everyday Saints
Real LA Sistas Unexpected art  Dear readers, I hope you will forgive me for the delay in blog posts, but
much of my free time recently has been spent sleeping. No, I haven’t been sick,
just very tired. They told us from day 1 of being a YAV that self-care w...
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