alamode_v3 with RPi3.  I am new to both.  I have downloaded all the latest setup files, and I ran the jessie_setup, but no matter what I do, when I run the Arduino IDE, the serial port selector is greyed out, and I cannot select a serial port.  If I plug my other arduino into the RPi usb, it works fine, but I cannot get the alamode to work.  When i plug it in to the RPi, I get 2 green led, indicating it is getting power to 5V and 3V.  and nothing else (not sure if anything else is expected)

I have tried with both power from Pi, and external power
I have tried a fresh install of Raspbian
I went into the RPi config and enabeld SPI and I2C

searching online, I have seen various other posts about this, but they all seem to be for older versions, and do not help.

I assumed if the alamode works with RPi2, it should work with RPi3 as well.  

Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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