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I am finally published! Ok so it's only a blog and getting published isn't really my goal, but here is something I wrote for a blog on Art, Creativity, & Inspiration.

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Freaky good stuff here folks.

BUY IT! You'll be glad you did. Or don't. Either way, you can listen to the podiobook online for FREE at Other 'lovely' treat for you ear buds on there as well.
Reminder: Garaaga's Children: Lovers is now available for purchase. The series follows the children of ancient god, its worshippers, and those who would stop all three. A mix of ancient history, fantasy, erotica, and horror, The Garaaga's Children stories transcend genre.

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Yes! I so want to fill out my tax forms like this. I wonder if it would my tax preparer's head explode?
The sucky part is, I'm sure they'd still say that I owe.

I just started hearing ads by acouple different groups protesting a bill going through the Kansas government that would allow trucks to carry 20% more per load. The groups opposed to this are saying it will be more dangerous for the drivers of smaller vehicles and cause more damage to the roads.
Maybe I'm overly sleep depraved when hearing them, but wouldn't being able to carry more freight mean even less trucks on the road?
Wouldn't greater weight, less often be more efficient for trucking companies and mean less damage for the roads?

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Now don't nobody else share this so I can win. Thank you.
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The Mayans have good taste in movies

All the Paula Deen haters are really starting to piss me off.

Yeah, Bourdain, you! A lot of times you come across as an arrogant douche sort of pushing his ideas on others while not caring what they think. but that's OK, I'll still watch your show, whenever I get cable in the future, because I love the gusto with which you pursue good food.

So Paula has made a living selling what has become known as "Southern Comfort Food". Or has she? Sure, she got noticed because of her still highly successful restaurant in Savanah, GA. But she has made here life, and has become so popular because of her personality. I like watching her because it makes me feel like I still have my grandmothers around, although neither of them were near a bubbly or lovable as Paula. She got on Door Knocker Dinners because of her warm, personable nature, and her ability to put people at ease. The producers were ready to move on to the next candidate until she resolved a situation and was able to get into a house they weren't.

Paula cooks food that uses butter. OK, so she uses a lot of it.
S O W H A T !!! (My sister who eats as organic as possible, healthy, and has no fake "healthy butter alternative" anywhere in the house. Butter only.

Paula continues to have a successful show and book tours with food that some rail against because they say it is 'unhealthy'.
S O W H A T !!!

Paula just announced she has Type 2 Diabetes.
That's sad.

Paula has kept the diagnosis hidden (read not told anyone but her family about it) for the past 3 years.
S O W H A T !!!

Paula reportedly has a deal with a pharmaceutical company to be spokesman for their diabetes product.

Has she ever advocated, pushed, coerced,anyone into eating the way she does?
NO! Well, no more than anyone else wanting to sell their product has.

Has she ever said that this is the way to eat if you want to be healthy and live a long time?

Has she ever said this is the way anyone should eat every single day of their life?

So why all the hatin' goin' on against her. NOBODY is forcing you to watch her show, buy her books, eat at her restaurant, follow her diet. Turn the channel, don't buy he books, he'll, don't even pay attention to her. Or is it that you are so bored with your life that you have nothing better to do than sit around looking for people to feel self-righteous about because they are successful at doing something that is unhealthy for you, so you decide everybody else should be doing the same thing, or feel the same way.

Just because Paule Deen is a celebrity (uh, who made her that?), does she have to disclose EVERYTHING about h life to the publice? Do you Haters do that? You're diagnosed with a life shortening disease. How long will it take you to feel comfortable with your new situation to let the mass public know? Hell, there are medical things I haven't even toddy own family, and I know them well. Get off your self absorbed high horse and contemplate being human for once.

Paula, I love watching you whenever I have the chance.
I love the way it feels like I'm in the kitchen with my grandmother (if they were as fun or fun loving as you).
I love the way you enjoy your family, friends, and food. The way you relish each one of those.

I hope have been taking care of your health, because I would like to have you around for quite a few more years.
Do mind if I adopt you as a surrogate Grandmother, or Great Aunt?

Keep on cooking!

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Get it! Unless you're really not into fum, intelligent psychological thrillers. If that's the case, you should go lay down somewhere and re-contemplate your existence.

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For the clutzy ones in your life. You know, the nest that can't seem to remember electronics and liquids should not ever meet.
(Or those of us that though baptising their MBP with toddy was a good idea.)
Are you kidding me!? When he removed the battery cover, I was sold!

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SOPA makes me nervous.

Well, nervous isn't quite strong enough. Even though all the files we share are 100% legit (most provided by the rights-holder themselves), all it takes is one person who doesn't get it it to make a complaint, and we could be shut down.


No more

Think that's a dire statement? Maybe. But the provisions are clear. If you need help with understanding just what is at stake if SOPA passes, read the cogent article below.

And help fight SOPA. Anyway you can.

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