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Teresa Hurst
I am a wife of twenty-eight years to James, and mother of three.
I am a wife of twenty-eight years to James, and mother of three.

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Politians and Pontius Pilate
“…he took
water and washed his hands in the sight of the crowd…” (Mt. 27:24)             I’m not a germaphobe, but I am a
mother, and can appreciate the communal health benefits of proper hygiene.   Aside from: “sit up straight,” “don’t talk
with your mouth...

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A Living Rosary
Religious fervor has its ebbs and
flows in my life, but, remarkably, in recent years—the flows are a more common
occurrence.   This is true for one reason
only: frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament.   I know this without a doubt as some years ago I star...

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Hell Is Real
Each year in October, I dedicate a lesson in the eighth grade
catechism class I teach to the subject of hell.   I felt the need, many years ago, to start this as I saw the season and celebration
of Halloween to be centered more and more on the glamorization...

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Flung In the Mud, and Trampled Underfoot
During the hour of Divine Mercy (3:00), I like to walk over
to church and be with Jesus.   He’s my
next-door neighbor.   As I’ve mentioned
before, I can see the doors of the church that lead to the chapel and the Blessed
Sacrament from my kitchen window.   ...

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A Lack Of Obedience
               The old
codger removed the corncob pipe from his mouth and shook it in the air for
emphasis as he opined, “That’s the problem with young people today…”                  We’ve
all heard him, or her , ranting about
the state of things, and fran...

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The Joy of Running
We were camping this last weekend
and my youngest daughter, Grace, wanted to run a mile around the campground in
preparation for cheerleading tryouts in June.   We set out together and after about
a quarter-mile she said, “Mom, explain to me how you could p...

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Behind Every Great Woman There is a Man Who Slays the Dragons
I’m an optimist by nature, with a “we got this”, can-do
attitude that always drinks from the half full glass.   My husband, on the other hand, is
Mr. Realist.   Johnny raincloud.   He’s usually bursting my happy bubble with
rational statements like: “We can...

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Firing On All Cylinders
We’ve had three Rottweilers over
the years.   Great dogs, great big dogs; but one particular fault
between them.   They all had stomach
issues; and you knew this quite distinctly from the telltale silent fog.   Invisible.   Sometimes silent, but deadly.   I...

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The Real Good Shepherd
I don’t know about you, but “shepherd” was not an option in
my high school career aptitude test.   That makes sense as, come to think of it, there really aren’t any job
openings in metro Detroit for sheep herders.   With so little experience I have a misgui...

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The One Thing Necessary
My Testimonial...    If left to
me, I will always choose the easy road.   Because, well… it’s easier.   When
I stumble across that fork in life’s pathways, I am usually inclined to head
toward rainbows, and French fries, and bubble baths- as opposed to hair...
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