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Lil “Dead” Psycho
All my followers are dead... Except you and a few others...
All my followers are dead... Except you and a few others...


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Just a warning:
There is someone on g+ that tells you there is a group chat on hangouts, that if you don't join that chat your device will get 20 viruses. It is a scam, the same person that said you have to join that group chat is the owner of that chat, and they can hack your account, and your personal info if you join that chat.

I know it might sound fake, but it's serious. I don't want nobody to be effected. I won't tell you the person's profile for your own safety.
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If you don't like me, leave my profile... Simple...
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I've been on g+ for almost 2 years, I might want to delete this account soon since most of my followers seemed to be dead... And cause g+ is getting kinda boring, and useless for me at the same time.

Idk if I should or not.
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I think it's kinda weird that people are crushing on you when you show them your fuckin face, or other stuff, like automatically they do...

That's just my opinion...
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I'm done with this collection...
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Don't you guys remember your followers that used to talk to you alot?, and now they barley talk to you...
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I ain't showing my face cause purvs are gonna be like... "You look sexy.", "I want to date you."

Seriously though I had enough already...
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Dammit! I lost a follower!
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80% of my followers are dead...
17% of my followers left g+
3% of my followers are alive
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