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Interactive Infographic with SVG and CSS Animations -
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Just what I needed!!! Creating an interactive Infograph and was looking for this. Will share as soon as done +Codrops 
raw raj
I don't drink coffee :-P. I drink Tea!!
Pep Elm
+raw raj you have a beard, everyone who has a beard must trink coffee.. :)
The funny thing is that this shows how much time is wasted on "complaining about IE"... which is pretty much true :P
raw raj
+Pep Elm  All beards are not the same ;-). I am the ashwagandha, brahmi, arjuna, gotukal and whole lotta other brain enhancing herbs and roots drinking kind of bearded guy :-P.
Coffee affects your adrenalins in the long run, then you need coffee just to stay normal, forget about any enhancement. I will never take such a risk.
Green tea for convenience but nothing beats these concoction of herbs to get your brain working fast without any side effects 
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