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I'm mad today. This will not be a happy fun post.

For the past almost 4 years, Ingress players have come to play a game they loved, in the real world and have educated people about it. We talked to business owners, introduced ourselves, told them what we are doing, and asked if there were things we needed to do in order to have a harmonious relationship with them. Some said please don't play here, and we didn't, and attempted to have portals removed to not cause strife (to varying degrees of success) others said things like "please just don't block our doors or our driveway or interfere with our business" and we woudl tell our communities that and it would be fine with only a few minor problems that we would apologize for. Some welcomed us with open arms and even had specials if we told them we were an ingress player (a couple pizza places would give us a dollar off slices of pizza or something) as a thank you for bringing more people to their business. It was all about RESPECT and being apart of the community. We knew if we didn't be better people, that this game we were all starting to love for our own reasons would go the way of the dodo bird quickly, we were harbingers of a new age.

Fast forward to now, almost 4 years later, Pokemon Go. Personally, i think Pokemon GO is great for families, and more accessible to families getting out, going places, seeing the world, getting exercise, and being apart of their community instead of being at home doing nothing. If they want to be, and it seems like many aren't.

This my friends, is where it gets ugly.

What we see pictured here are lazy pieces of shit that can't fucking read the sign that is saying "Welcome, please obey these simple rules" and obviously lack the common sense to comprehend the message on the sign (seen with a person standing in front of it).

On top of that we also see a complete lack of respect for someone's family members grave so you can catch ten of the same digital not real creature in a game on your phone.

Thank you, you are the reason this game will get banned from being playable, your are the reason that video game players get bad reputations when new technology comes out. You deserve every ticket you should be getting for being disrespectful and you will be the reason that pokestops will get removed, and more and more problems will be seen as the spaces are condensed for play.

Why can't you just have some simple common courtesy for the places you play? How would you feel if you can to visit the gravesite of a loved one and first could not park nearby because of a line of cars and second walked to the grave to see a scene similar to this?

WHY is it so important to catch the same 10 things RIGHT THEN RIGHT NOW? Why not walk around, enjoy the history, pay some respects, talk to some people out of the way, and be more a person occupying a space instead of a center of attention, and bad attention at that?

I'm glad you are out of your house, i am GLAD you are getting exercise, i am BEYOND glad that you are meeting new people, and breaking social norms

BUT YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY that goes along with those norms. YOU must now show people that you CAN be respectful, you CAN operate alongside of other people and you CAN make the world a better place through technology. Do you want to see more games take chances like this? do you want new things to play like you are now? OF COURSE YOU DO!!! but there is a price to that. and that price is COMMON SENSE AND RESPECT. No company is going to get their asses sued off because you can't follow some simple rules.

Tell you what. Send me your address so i can come sit on your porch or in your driveway and play on my phone and not move and have a total lack of common courtesy towards you so I can be a piece of shit that is awesome at fake internet points too. Let me be the exact same type of person you are to these places and let me know what you think of that, sound good?

Please. Change your behavior. Keep this game alive. Keep the passion for these games going. Don't scare away people, or families, by acting like an asshole. Don't scare businesses from embracing this new paradigm. If you see people behaving like the ones pictures below, approach them and get them to stop. Explain why it's important they change their behavior. BE the person to take charge, and make things happen. Let's make this shift a good one, remember, it's always harder to get something back once you have lost it through the creation of animosity.

Thanks you.

EDIT: as per some of the discussions below, i did omit one thing from this post, Ingress players are not wholly absolved in this arena, some of them do it also. IMO not on this case, nor to this degree, but it DOES happen, this is an ALL AR players issue, and ALL AR players need to remember to be respectful. I do still stand by my opinion though that Pokemon GO players not only highlight, but go above and beyond to exacerbate the problem and seem to propel it to new heights either because of numbers, or other reasons that have come even more to light with it's release.
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