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Jairo Castellanos
Technical Director at CAD MicroSolutions
Technical Director at CAD MicroSolutions
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Downloading Visual Studio 11 Beta.
+Lou Gallo Have you done any testing on this?
I am curious to see what potential benefits...

I am testing EPDM on #Windows8 and IE10 while drinking a 'Fin du monde' beer...
I feel like a combination of +Paul Thurrott and +Sylvain Trudel

Didn't make it to SWW this year. I am counting on +Sylvain Trudel +Lou Gallo +Jeff Sweeney +Matthew Lorono +Oleg Shilovitsky on keeping me updated.

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Miguel and his "M" bread

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Made some homemade "M" bread for Miguel

Last Thursday at 6:50 PM my 2 year old daughter fell down the basement stairs and hit her head pretty hard. We got to the hospital at 7:05 pm, first nurse saw her at 7:15, she was admitted and at her room by 7:25, doctor saw her at 7:45, Dr. ordered X-ray, In radiology room by 8 pm, X-ray taken at 8:10, back at the room at 8:15, x-ray results came at 8:25, Dr. reviewed the X-rays at 8:35. Dr concluded everything looked ok but wanted to keep her for observation. For the next 3 hours we had a few visits by the nurses, two stuffed animals given to my daughter and a final visit by the Dr. W finally went home knowing everything was OK.
How much did I have to pay for all of this? 15 dollars for parking.
Some people complain about universal health care here in Canada, but when sh**t hits the fan, I would rather be here than anywhere else in the world.
THANK YOU Health Care professionals and thank you Canadians for having the courage of keeping alive and well a health care systems accessible to everyone.

Dinner at a nice restaurant followed by a live performance of Handel's Messiah. I can almost feel the Christmas spirit walking down the hall.

I am on Google+ and I use Extended Share for Google Plus

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I’ve donated my face to @movemberCA& men’s health, pls give so it may grow: #Movember

One more hour of sleep!
Sunday is going to be a good day to get things done!!
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