If you haven't heard about our latest book, here is a short synopsis:

The question is: Why has Sir Richard Branson been so successful in business? What are his secrets to success? And, why hasn't everyone followed in his footsteps?

Our latest book, The Invisible Branson (http://invisiblebranson.com), sheds light into why so many business owners and managers have not been able to put into practice the qualities that have made Richard Branson so highly successful.

We (+Louise Woodbury and +William de Ora) say that it is possible for every entrepreneur to tap into their greatness, their inner Branson, to realize their full potential and have their business become an outrageous success. And, it's far easier than you would ever believe.

We challenge the readers by asking, "Imagine living every day with excitement, passion and belief that anything is possible for you, your business and your team?"

Identify What Is Preventing Your Success

We argue that the only thing that prevents you from being successful is you. Your success has nothing to do with money, time, logic, or external circumstances. It has everything to do with you and your level of self-worth and belief.

If you are truly committed to breaking out of your current constraints, ready to take your business to the next level, and discover your own true greatness, then The Invisible Branson is your launching pad.
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