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This is the wake-up message for all of us. Being consistent in our healthy choices is needed, now! Take a look and see what is needed for support. Holly, tells the truth like is should be shared. 
Blog post at Holly Fulford-Jeffrey : Yes, I know all about it!!  however... doing it is the question... or the issue!! Do you fit in time for looking after you and your body[..]
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William Amis

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Hey Larry, thanks for reminding me how to do this. I have been doing it each week yet not with an introduction. Thanks!
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William Amis

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William Amis

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I can not make the Hangout work and technical staff is working on it? Is there anyone able to access the live event?
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William Amis

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We had a good time and I personally learned allot. Chad, opened some deep hidden triggers, for me. I loved this experience. I felt empowered.
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This is the latest insight on our blog. Hey, there is not selling and you will feel the difference here!
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William Amis

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Before taking off to read to the kids at the library, today. I thought after my shower. It would be fun to get my BMI (Body mass Index). Please, I do not believe that this old ancient way of measuring, is updated? It says I am a little over weight. I have little to no fat? I am 6'2 at 214 it wants me at 6'2 198. In Massachusetts the wind alone would blow me around like a piece of paper. Try it and lets all have a great laugh!
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William Amis

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We, are opening a free service. It is for you and everyone, who has a passion to establish, a foundation to fund worthy causes. Just as Epilepsy, Neurological and medical diagnosis. Chronicle, illnesses. 

Our amazing 'Success Teams" , have proven once again, to be creative. They have mastered, to imagine a way of enhancement, with no limitations. That gives us, the ability to listen to you share your desires, to improve other's lives. We can help raise capital, for all ethical purposes. Without, you spending one dime for our support. That means from establishing a solid foundation. To operate the daily activities. Help grow awareness and members of people, who also share the driven passion, to help in the same purpose. 

You and everyone have a desire, to help yourself and then others in need. If everyone, would just take time and think of how to help people in situations, that you found so challenging. You felt, as if the world was caving in on you. There was no knowledge, of any agencies to help. No state offices, have any operations to give real assistance. No programs, provided yet. No one seems to care, except you.

Well, now we have the solution and funding to provide, real support in development and implementation methods. That will get the message out, worldwide. Thus, bringing in the funding, from all over to make your life and your project, enhanced. What you, have only visioned. Now, will come to manifest. This is priceless!

Please, take your time and complete your due diligence on our success, doing as we are committed to, with no end date. I am a sole founder, of one. "The Children's Chronic Care Project" which is amazing and leaves me in awe, each day. Vast numbers of people, from all walks of life. Participate in various, supportive activity. We have no use for funding, yet personal time to create the gift, of hope and joy for children who have no cure. They, are not giving up and we make them experience, amazing adventures. Just by sharing our activities, of fun and exploration, from around the world. Taking pictures and adding little story lines. Creating hart felt cards, with the pictures on the cover. The, the story line inside. Press a button and off it goes, to a Children's facility housing Hospice. We make sure, cards are created each day. Never address to a certain child, makes the caretakers feel good about having something, for the child who is having, one of those days of darkness and no hope.

Doing our part is amazing and fun. The reward, is being a part of something huge and living a life of service. We have purpose and dedication, it takes to pull this off, with no issues.

Well, just imagine how we can create, something like this for you to have a real company, with purpose. Giving is so easy, when you are equip, with means and experienced supporters. Hey, did we mention free support services, for a lifetime?

Hey, each Entrepreneur has a chance, to add a worthy cause to their life. This is a way, to spend 3 minutes each day. Giving a smile and hope, for just pennies for a stamp. That is it. Allowing your natural creativity to shine. 

This is a way, to live and experience unusual events, in this journey we call life. Hey, it is all about the journey, that will only end when you ascend. Would it not be better, to give from your heart. During the short time, we all have. None of us, knows the expatriation date, of our individual time left. Express, your gratitude and share adventures, with everyone. Get back in touch, with people you forgot. The family members, left on the side. You life has gotten, so busy. You forgot, to be aware of the blessing, you have. Always, looking for more? Now, just take a look, at what you have to be grateful, for each day. That alone, will change your perception and open a insight, you never thought you had. 

Enough, of me rambling on, with so much enthusiasm. I can not help it. I only get involved, with activities that are exciting and encouraging. I love to learn, each day.That is why, I choose to live a life of service. I make a living, by giving. I live as though, my visions have already manifest. I speak as though, things I imagine have already taken place. Then, they do. I do not question, how. I just show my gratitude each day.

I spend time meditating, on who has touch my life, in a positive way. This is done, at the end of each day. I write a name, that pops up in my thoughts. Then, create a gratitude postcard and send it to them. This is made, from my heart. I never know, what I am going to write. Yet, it is always ends up being  touching. To the person, who receives it. I get calls and messages, from all kinds of people, I have issued a card too. People think, I am a memory master. Once I meet people, each day. I gather their, real names and mailing addresses. No problem, to ask and you will receive, if there is no selling involved. I do not have anything to sell. I give free support, not selling it. So, everyone loves it.

Just, wanted to take you through some of my days.  Like I tell lots of people. Each day, we create our own adventures. I can tell a story of just me, getting out of bed to brush my teeth. I make that, in to an adventure. I make my new day, arriving the way I want it to be. No matter what happens. We have choices, to accept the things, which comes as a test, of patience and a learning experience. We have to challenge ourselves each day, to be creative. Then, it comes natural. You will be come a resourceful person. Then, life truly becomes one big fun place, to experience new things each day.

Well, I pray you have a great day and allow us, in the near future. To serve you, as many before. I look forward, in personally learning about each one of you. I will hear you stories and read most of them, anyway. You will all have me, to support you with our Global Family Partners. No matter, how you become a family member. We are all one and serve everyone, who just reaches out to us. 

The next step is for you to go to linked in and see who I am as a person. The, check out the location I am going to direct you to. Later, get with me soon. Time is the only commodity, we cannot get back? Take the first step and make it happen, now!
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William Amis

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William Amis

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So many entrepreneurs have a wonderful idea that they start a business around but soon find themselves in survival mode. The business needs all of their time, energy and attention.
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My home base is here, in Massachusetts. I organize community support projects, with churches,and youth groups. We complete residential growth activities that stabilize our community involvement in revitalization. Also, Vice Commander AMVETS Post 1758.

I enjoy helping others, and I keep things moving. I have established Top Syndicater Globally. I live to support others achieve success, as they determined. I leave myself out of the equation.

It's all about you and nothing else matters. I have a dedicated team of supporters. We will achieve total free support for you to grow and establish a real business based on trust. You just have to have the hunger to achieve greatness. If that is you, welcome to a new way of living. Nothing is impossible. the only limitations are in your mind.
We seek to help people globally achieve great things. No fee ever! We build you a solid foundation for everyone who request our free services. Develop "Mastermind Groups" within the tribe to support all areas of personal growth, and business development.This creates additional continuous, streams of income for you, without ever a cost. No unethical behavior, and No selling ever!

Nothing to think about, and no other reasons not to join, now! Act now, to allow us to create your path to great, next levels of success. It's Free!

Just connect with me, and take the challenge, to better your current position. It cost nothing and you gain unlimited, free support!

It's about helping enough people, accomplish just one real business online or offline. Then, they will gain faith to help someone else. We may not reach the whole world, but we are going to try!

Do you think, now is the time for true change? Let's work together and make a difference, in your life, OK.

Just make contact with me at my home telephone number. Yes, my office has and will continue to be at home. I am a real locatable person.Nothing but love for others and true support.

Please, use due diligent before ever, getting involved with anything. Remember, your name is worth more than making a mistake being involved with unethical people.

"Serving Others With A Servant's Heart"

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“I help create a solid foundation for others at no cost for my support, while they create a prosperous lifestyle".
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