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I want to see this race!

Each car is simply going to destroy on the lap board,.. and the exposure has to be great for sales.  So WTF not let them race!!!
Theres one thing every gearhead in the world wants to know... and that's which new hybrid hypercar is the fastest around a track, the Porsche 918 Spyder, The McLaren P1 or the The Ferrari LaFerrari. Top Gear​ had all three cars together during their last episode, but the only manufacturer that agreed to a race was Porsche. 

Fast forward to 28:35 to hear all the details:

After the race McLaren took to Twitter stating they actually were ok with a race, pinning the blame on Top Gear instead, saying that Top Gear had cancelled it. McLaren didn't state why it was cancelled. 

Meanwhile, the 918 Spyder is the only hybrid hypercar to have a documented Nürburgring lap time:

We are sincerely in awe of all three of these cars, as each one is an immensely impressive feat of engineering and design, but wouldn't it be a dream come true to see them all face off head-to-head? Here is to hoping that dream comes true one day...

#Porsche   #918spyder   #Porsche918   #TopGear   #McLaren   #McLarenP1   #Ferrari   #LaFerrari
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+1 FAF-WD lol
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My tried and true build box draws 124 Watts/hr while full out compiling.

The Build Server draws 434 Watts/hr while at rest.  And builds around 550 Watts/hr

The server,... when it's stable is only twice as fast, but 3 times the cost of the original box.

Soo, it would have been greener and more efficient to buy 3 different boxes and run them all at once.
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A quad processor hexacore Dell r810 with 128 GD of RAM
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Want to download a Steam game but not enough space?
Or want to make the large downloads completely portable?

For Mac:
- Plug in a USB or remote drive (let's call it USB)
- mkdir /path/to/USB/steamapps
- cp -r /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps /path/to/USB/steamapps
- rm -rf /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps (can also move it if your paranoid and want to test first)
- ln -s /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps

- cd /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps
- ls (you should see all your GB downloaded files)
- Unplug your USB, now ls (no files)

Steam is none the wiser, now you can just bring that USB stick to your other PCs and have all the files ready to go.
For linux same commands, but ~/Steam.  And Windows.... who cares? But will work too.

Now if your really into style points, map it to the networked drive on your NAS (for sanity's sake use your fstab) :D 

While I'm sure that others have figured this out... I figured I would pass on the info
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Attention Sony users
Was thinking this might apply to vanir so...
Due to a change introduced this morning to our BusyBox source, to flash a new nightly moving forward you must do a one-time manual process. Download
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And they still think iOS is 'stable' and Android 'crashes'
But just barely, according to new data from Crittercism.
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Anyone else worried about the FCC's 300+ page rules on the Intenets?  And that they are not releasing the details of their rulings. 

FCC is the self imposed moral governor of the TV and radio, what has banned such offensive words such as "balloon knot" from the airwaves.

We have had net neutrality for the last 20 years,.. why do we need new rules?

Personally, I a big fan just enough regulation to ensure everyone has equal and open access for all individuals, organizations, and entities.  (Which is roughly what we currently have!).
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America is changing for the worst and starting to become what was predicted 
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Remember when Sony meant quality?

We're starting to think there's something seriously wrong with Sony these days. In addition to its ridiculous looking new Google Glass rival, Sony this week unveiled what might be the single stupid...
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LMFAO! Just what I've been looking for, my FLAC files have been sounding a little "electrical" lately. This makes me loose some respect for Sony.
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Get 2GB of free #Google Drive storage by checking your internet #security settings.

Read more:
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I really don't need this lol I already have 50gigs from when I got my S4......I don't know how to use that much space lol
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Opens late and closes early Very disappointed with lackluster work ethic of both BOA nears me.
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Moved or out of business
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I felt very wronged by the circumstances (and behavior of an officer) in Waldo. So I hired Mr Falik to fight the ticket. It sounds like most of his practice is based on the officers no showing and the ticket being thrown out. The officer no showed, ticket thrown out. So I'm happy.
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I have been going to this dealership for my milestone services for several years. On multiple occasions I have felt they padded the bill with services I told them not to perform (oil change/air filters/other minor services I perform). But continued to go out of the likely misguided notion that a Honda should have big services at a Honda dealer. This month, I had a second transmission fail while out of town. During the repairs, I have documentation that Gainesville Honda charges me for services (including swapping our the transmission) that were never done. I am not talking about minor services. They charged me for swapping a transmission, belts, and various other major parts. Honda of America paid to have these services done at another dealer. I can only hope social media will prevent others from visiting this crooked dealership.
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