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Derek Hunter (DHO)
I live to live and I dream to dream.
I live to live and I dream to dream.

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Been a pretty busy couple of weeks..... Finally starting to catch up on some sleep.

The wife threatened to name her Android to ensure I spent enough time with her, but that doesn't seem to be a problem :p


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Saying I loath the new emojis is like saying the sky is blue or fish can swim.

Google's recent emoji redesign is starting to become a social movement. And it's pretty damn hilarious! I bet Google didn't expect this to happen.

"Congrats to Google for making their new emoji set look like bootleg Apple emojis. RIP good emoji design!"

"I honestly do not know if I will ever get over this. Haven't seen a downgrade this severe from a corporation this big in a while."


Google’s blob emoji are great and no one will convince me otherwise:

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"Verizon did not return a request to explain who the hell the SmartHub is for."

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Don't bother with the half-truth media headlines.. takes a peak at the Global Drug Survey results

My favorite result is 21% of American pot smokers reward themselves for walking with a joint, but only 4% of people in Netherlands (Amsterdam) where people travel thousands of miles to recreationally smoke.

Perhaps Planet fitness needs a to swap out their sauna for a hotbox

#GDS #LazyAmericans

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The NSA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Why companies need to move to Ubuntu

The war has begun. Everything Microsoft definitely will become destroyed very soon. There are so many bugs in the Microsoft systems, that programmers can't close them.

And i am only speaking of unintended bugs, that open backdoors, not about the "official NSA backdoors", that can obviously be exploited by hackers, too!!

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While this might make sense for T-Mobile. It will be a death blow to Sprint. And bad for all US consumers.

T-Mobile will get access to more LTE bandwidth, especially the 2.5 GHz spectrum if they have interest in nation implementation which sprint cannot afford to do.

Since tmoble is gsm and sprint is CDMA, the only option that makes sense for the CDMA part is benign neglect farm it out to mnvos. Current sprint users would likely get gsm phones when renewing their contracts. ... Thus killing sprint slowly

This is bad for us all b/c merging the #2 and 4 carrier eliminates competition and in the us we still have among the most expensive cell phone plans in the word, only increased competition will lower prices.

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Yet another reason to use Vanir

No problems with dumb apps 

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Might be useful for travel.. Especially with laptop bans

Personally, use a cheap disposable laptop when traveling and a vnc home for horsepower and accessing email or anything with a password. 

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Pai’s response: “Why do I hate America? Skinny jeans, kale, the Raiders, people who say acronyms like ‘bae’ and claim to be woke. I mean, what more evidence do you need?”

So the obvious answer is dismantling the internet as we currently know it? 
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