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You are loved. All is well.
You are loved. All is well.

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I took this photo one night taken during our African Photo Adventure in Namibia.  The next big adventure was just announced: The Venice Photo Adventure over at — pop over and jump on the Alternate List if you're interested!  

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On Dragonball Super

I'm a huge DBZ fan, but weary of Super. This is probably the best comment I've seen about DBS:

"[Those of you who don't like DBS, why?]

Because Super is a product and not a story.

DB and DBZ was a man putting his pen to paper. He had a story to tell and that story ended. Over the years the rights to it has created games, merchandise, movies and more.

And the end of its prime, Toei released GT. It has its flaws, but you can still enjoy it as it doesn't hurt the legacy of DB or Z.

Super comes in and is a mess of rehashed versions of DBZ that were most popular with fans: eg. Frieza, and Future Trunks." [1]

Nailed it.

Oh well. In place of an epic DBZ sequel (I thought GT was okay), here's some epic DBZ-inspired music from one of the three or so guys who made the music for DBZ (not Bruce Falconer, who apparently tried to rip them off). I recommend checking out his channel--he has a playlist of music he made.

[1] #dbz #dbs #dragonballsuper #anime

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Sunrise over Gannet Rock, Western Australia this morning.

This is pretty awesome [NSFW]: it's a photo of 3lbs of glitter, the work of 2 body painters, and 1 very patient human:

Did you see this, +Paul Roustan?

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Samorost 3 by +Amanita Design (creators of Machinarium and Botanicula) is 60% off for few days (includes Steam key!)



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#Anime 'A Silent Voice' (Koe no Katachi) showing in #Australia cinemas in April 2017 for a short time.

Dates and session times:


Trailer that shows more of the movie:

Thanks to +Madman for making it happen! "Don't miss out on this powerful film about disability, bullying and friendship."

If you want to keep seeing anime in Australian cinemas, be sure to support those you like. I saw 'Your Name' at the cinema (in 2D). It was well-worth seeing it on the big screen. Way better than seeing Dr Strange in 3D.

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Embrace Spring with a Water Droplet Refraction Workshop!
Multiple dates available, held in Barrie, ON for CAD$145:

(In US Dollars, that's roughly $108)

I made this image this evening in preparation for a water droplet refraction workshop tomorrow afternoon on the 25th. Using some fairly simple ingredients including a dandelion seed, spray bottle and Gerbera Daisy, something magical happens. You need to put the puzzle pieces together in the right way, and that’s what the workshop is designed around. You even get an essential piece of equipment to take home with you at the end of the workshop: a third hand tool. Very hard to do this kind of work without one!

This image was shot with an old (circa 1978) Canon 35mm F/2.8 macrophoto lens attached to an equally-vintage set of bellows adapted to my modern DSLR. The magnifications these old lenses can achieve is fantastic – this image isn’t cropped at all! Simple equipment can yield great results if you know how the puzzle pieces fit together.

I have boxes of various wildflower seeds that I collect in the fall and they really work well for refractions because they made tons of spherical water droplets. Bluegrass and eucalyptus also work well, so do spider webs and many other things!

Welcome to the world of abstract photography. It doesn’t really matter that it’s a Gerbera Daisy seen through a Dandelion seed, it’s an exploration of lines and shapes. If I used focus stacking techniques maybe you’d see more in of the droplets in focus, but for illustration purposes this is a single shot out of camera with editing to enhance contrast and colour.

Once you understand the fundamentals of the technique, you’re limited only by your creative ideas for how to apply it! I’ve got macro equipment, flashes, flashlights, etc. here in studio to help those that think they might be missing a key piece of gear. Even if you don’t have a macro lens I can show you how to make an image like this!

Ask anyone who has attended these workshops from me and they’ll say they had a great time and learned a lot!

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💝Good Morning Dear Friends💝
💝Happy Thursday💝
Stunning Pictures
Beauty Animals

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Beautiful Australia.
Sunset Christmas eve from my go to location when I don't want to drive too far. 

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Help keep the archive of the internet alive and freely available, the archive of the internet--is seeking donations. A backer is matching all donations made (so $5 from you turns into $10).

The website basically lets you see earlier versions of websites, so if content goes offline, you can still access it. Super-useful.

Worth sparing a few bucks if you can afford it:

#Internet #donations #fundraising
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