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The Ipad has left the building
It’s been a couple of months now since our Ipad went to the
Ipad doctor and we found out that it would not be coming back home.  Well, that’s what we told Lars at least.  Oh the power of the Ipad… In the past Lars had limited time on it.  I’d set a timer an...

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Well ladies and gents, I now know that I absolutely cannot stop time. I tried really really really hard but at 5:52 AM on Saturday, April 4 Lars turned 3. I unexpectedly woke up around 5:47, rolled over, looked at the clock and then laid there and at 5:52 I...

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Why are we vegetarians?
I’ve been a vegetarian, well,  for what seems like since I can remember, but
I guess officially since the age of 10 when I told my mom I wanted to be a
veterinarian and she said something like, ‘oh that’s sweet to want to be a
doctor for animals.’ Wait, wha...

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Cabin Fever
Just when we thought it wasn't going to be too cold this
winter (at least for Texas) Mother Nature reminded us that the weather here is
without a doubt batshit crazy.  Two weeks
ago we were eating outside at a restaurant and it was hot…like 80 degrees.  Lar...

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They thought he was a she
Twice this past weekend Lars was referred to as ‘she’ or
‘her’.   That’s the first time in a long
time (like tiny baby long time) that that’s happened.  It didn’t bother me, I attempted to drop the
hint in conversation and say something like, ”Hey, Buddy/Bu...

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I cry in the car...
I have a fairly long commute to and from work...about 45 mins each way.  Some days it zooms by, I enjoy the scenery and my music and I'm there before I know it. Other days I dread the long drive, hate having to usually pee about 10 mins from my destination ...

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Happy Twenty 15
Well that was always the holidays flew by.  Ours were filled with family, travel, good food, baking and entirely way too much sugar! So, it was perfect! We are now getting back to normal, having serious holiday depression and weaning off the su...

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Happy Everything
Because my last post was close to 10 million years ago, I wanted to post a few bits and pieces of what's been happening.  We've been busy...just like everyone else.  The holidays are always fun but always busy. This beautiful scene happens almost every morn...

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The 'Pee' Poem
So Lars is officially potty trained and I'm so proud of him.  We didn't do any crazy 2 day potty training technique...we just waited till he was ready and we've been working on it for a while now. I tried forcing it months ago and found that was NOT the way...

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Cooking Every.Single.Night. can be challenging....
Some of my greatest memories are of being in the kitchen with
my family...especially when everyone was in town for the holidays and drinking
lots and lots of wine.  I remember making
homemade ice cream and lemon meringue pie with my Maw Maw and shucking cor...
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