Trayvon Judge: Some Domestic Abuse 'Mild'

The Florida judge who called George Zimmerman's domestic violence incident "somewhat mild" when he granted him bond in the murder of Trayvon Martin Friday holds the controversial view that domestic violence can be categorized -- with some incidents less serious than others. "There's different types of domestic violence," Judge Kenneth R. Lester said during a November hearing in a child dependency case. "There's domestic violence where somebody is on a routine basis hitting somebody or abusing somebody and there's domestic violence when I say they reach a breaking point or snapping point or a boiling point. It appears to be the second type here where somebody's reached a snapping point or a breaking point."

In Zimmerman's bond hearing, prosecutors brought up a 2005 domestic violence incident in which Zimmerman and a woman filed injunctions against each other, each claiming to be the victim. The woman said Zimmerman pushed her and then smacked her in the mouth with his open hand and asked her how it felt. Lester said in court it was "somewhat mild compared to the injunctions that I'm familiar with.

""While Judge Lester's comments indicate he thinks he understands domestic violence, from my experience working with victims since 1981, he is not well-informed," said Rita Smith, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "The amount or frequency of physical violence an abuser uses against his victim will not give a good indication of the level of danger the family is in. There have been many cases when the first use of physical violence was the lethal action of killing his victim."

Ppen hand = discipline
Closed hand = abuse
Get it straight.

Seriously though. Zimmerman is a sick puppy..
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