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Brian Harrod

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Big Brother morphs into Peeping Tom 

UK spies captured millions of Yahoo users' webcam images 

Report: GCHQ Intercepted Millions of Webcam Chats, Stored Images
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Brian Harrod

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Man has a unique hobby:

He has witnessed every single execution held in Florida for the past twenty-five years,0,
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This Soda May Be Hazardous to Your Health

California may become the first state in the country to require warning labels on soda. Activists say sugary soft drinks can contribute to diabetes and obesity but soda manufacturers strongly disagree, and promise to see this battle to the end. 

"Soda and other sugary drinks are the number-one source of added sugar in the American diet," according to Dr. Harold Goldstein of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. 

The average American reportedly consumes 45 gallons of soft drinks a year. 

How in the world can soda manufacturers disagree. I mean, DUH. Something like 20 tsp of sugar per drink (varies with the soda). Um, DUH.  

This is a good idea. I don't want to have to subsidize medical treatments that support a corporate bottom line.
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Brian Harrod

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Former NFL Star Charged With Rape

Former NFL star Darren Sharper was charged in California on Friday in the alleged drugging and rape of two women, one in October and the other last month, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said. 

Sharper, a five-time Pro Bowl selection and NFL Network analyst, also is a suspect in sexual assault investigations in Nevada and New Orleans, police in those places said. 

Police in Los Angeles allege that Sharper met two women at a club, offered them a drink in his hotel room and they awoke hours later without clothes on, one who "interrupted his actions," court documents state.
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Brian Harrod

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State Pol Indicted on 69 Felonies

A Cincinnati-area state legislator is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors, lying repeatedly to state investigators and funneling money to his campaign and a church that authorities label a cult. 

State Rep. Peter A. Beck, a Mason Republican and CPA who already was facing a century-plus in prison if convicted of 16 felony charges related to theft and securities fraud, was indicted yesterday on 53 more felony counts. 

The indictment accuses Beck of persuading investors to give thousands of dollars to a software company he served as CFO without informing them that the company was insolvent and not paying its taxes. 

The indictment said, investment money was diverted for a Mister Lysaght’s use; to Beck’s campaign; to a Mister Lysaght’s wife, Janet Combs; and to her church, the Ark by the River Fellowship Ministry.

Beck, 63, also faces civil allegations by his former accounting-firm partners, who say he deprived the firm of hundreds of thousands of dollars

That must be some kind of record for a Republican politician.
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Brian Harrod

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69% of Mobile users have used a their device to place a food order.
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I'm surprised it's that low!
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Brian Harrod

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Giant Snowball Batters College Dorm

Two math majors at Reed College in Portland lost control of a massive snowball that rolled into a dorm, knocking in part of a bedroom wall. No one was injured but repairs will cost $2,000 to $3,000. College officials said the ball was 40 inches in diameter and weighed from 800 to 900 pounds. "It was a big snowball," said maintenance manager Steve Yeadon.
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Brian Harrod

▶ 2016 Elections  - 
Are all the young people are going to go out and vote for old grandma?

Cook: Is Hillary Too Old to Run?

Charlie Cook, National Journal: [Hillary] Clinton turns 67 this October. At that age, she will likely be making her candidacy decision, and if nominated Clinton would turn 69 two weeks before the 2016 general election, notably the same age Ronald Reagan was when he was first elected in 1980. The choice to run for president is effectively a nine-year commitment: one year to run, another four years if she wins a first term -- finishing up that term at age 73 -- and then, assuming she runs for reelection and wins, serving four more years to end a second term at 77 years of age. 

A Westchester Town Chairman and friend of the Clintons' put it to me this way to me last year: "If Bill and Hillary are healthy, she will run," a subtle reminder to me that her husband will be 70 by Election Day 2016, having already gone through quadruple cardiac bypass surgery and two heart stents. He looks healthy, as she now does, but it does remind us that these are team efforts, and how they both are doing is relevant to the equation.

60 is the new 40.
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She doesn't have to move like Jagger but believe me, my daughter is 28 and Clinton resonates with young women. (My daughter thinks Mick is old and ugly and can't understand my adoration of the Stones)
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Brian Harrod

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Remember When The TEA Partiers Backed The Chamber Of Commerce When President Obama And The Democrats Tried To Take Away The Tax Breaks For Moving Profitable American Factories To China? Well Pay Back Is A You Know What....

Chamber CEO: U.S. Needs Low-Skill Immigrants

Tom Donohue, the CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, writes in an op-ed that the U.S. needs more low-skill immigration because Americans are not "qualified" or "willing" to do such work. 

"Immigration can also address labor shortages in lesser-skilled fields where there are insufficient numbers of either qualified or willing U.S. workers to fill positions," he writes. 

"Many studies have concluded that the greatest percentage of job growth in the United States through 2020 is expected in low- and moderate-skilled jobs that cannot be automated or outsourced. Services like home health and nursing home care, landscaping and hospitality cannot be provided without capable staff ready to do the work." 

Oh heavens no! This can't be true. They are job creaturs.

Jail employers who hire illegal aliens. Problem solved. I'd also like to thank Donohue for proving what I have been saying about US Chamber of Commerce for years. They created the illegal alien problem to drive down wages and now they and the TEA / GOP want more of the same. 

The cheap labor provided by illegal immigration and shipping jobs over-seas has really hurt the middle-class in the US. 

Go after CEO's and owners that hire illegals.
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Was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to support my sister and myself. From the age of nine until my teenage years I watched and raised my younger sister, while my mother worked two jobs. In the middle of the ninth grade I left school to work.

Eventually, I took to traveling from town to town, I went from Florida, Texas, California, through the Midwest and eventually settled in New York / Connecticut.

Love to connecting with folks with similar interests and meeting new people. 
I also enjoy learning anything I can, because you can never have enough knowledge. 

Internet Connoisseur, who is working on several website projects. I maintain and have archived several internet newsgroups. In the late 90's I founded All Nations Stamp Club, which was the largest hobby newsgroup at MSN groups.

Have a taste for non pop music.

Enjoy volunteering and have spent some time volunteering at food and homeless programs. I also have been involved in community programs like the 
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Have worked as an election official and have held public office on the municipal level. I have spoken out at many public meetings about waste and wrong doing. This has brought me some trouble at times.

Because, I am self employed small business man I pretty much work 7 days a week. I don't take vacations and work on some holidays.

I have a beautiful Korean wife and two adopted children who are now grown men. The oldest son works in Indiana. The younger son is a Sargent in the army reserves and a student at the University of Arizona.

A few years back, I became a Christian and volunteer at the coffee bar for all four weekend services at Harvest Time Church in Greenwich, CT.

I cry easily when people are wronged.

Some of my favorite sayings are:

"If you can't be a shining example, be the horrible warning!"

I have a backup plan to back up my backup plan."
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