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One of these days I'm going to seek help for my procrastination problem.
One of these days I'm going to seek help for my procrastination problem.
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FYI: The percentage of Americans who pay taxes is not 53%. That's only true if you don't think payroll taxes are taxes. If you're rich enough to think that payroll taxes (and sales taxes and property taxes) are a piddling, insignificant amount and worthy of ignoring, then lucky you. Everyone else, please stop peddling that bullshit statistic.

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This is interesting and timely information. The IMF isn't exactly known for being a hotbed of socialistic thought, either...

Congratulations to everyone in the Armed Forces and to all those who worked so hard for this day to come. I'm not American of course but I am proud of this country today.

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My ranking of bands from last night's The Sing-Off...
1. Delilah - fantastic, and the lead singer totally had me fooled until she kicked it up about eleven notches halfway through.
2. Urban Method - although given their choice of song it was practically a crime that not one of the judges had anything at all to say about the female lead vocalist, and whoever was in charge of her mic volume should be fired.
3. Vocal Point - all around good and fun and great choreography and energy. Plus I'm a sucker for a pun in the name.
4. Afro-blue - this season's Groove for Thought? Very nice all round.
5. Fannin Family - and they ranked a clear #1 for potential to improve because their only flaw was early nerves. By the end of the song they were earning a much higher ranking. They were absolutely robbed by being sent home so early.
6. Yellowjackets - nice performance but odd choice of song and their sound seemed to lack 'depth' somehow? Lack of bass, perhaps?
7. Cat's Pajamas - technically excellent but too slick and cheesy for my taste. Could have improved if they took Sara Bareilles' advice but somehow I didn't expect that they would.
8. Kinfolk 9 - I wanted to like these guys and the band overall was pretty good but they suffered for their really unfortunate lead singer who seems like a reject from the Mighty Boosh - and proceeded to butcher one of my favorite songs. How did these guys survive but the Fannins not?

Memo to Rick Perry: Galileo was a scientist. The people saying he was wrong were conservative religious and political leaders. Could it be just maybe possible you've got your analogy backwards?

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+Kevin Schlabach - this is the unintentional elephant I was referring to. Couldn't get any good, in-focus pics though.
Unintentional buckyball elephant (4 photos)
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So +Marian Call - how come the version of Love and Harmony that's on your website doesn't have the chorus sung in the style you sing it live? Doesn't that sort of miss the point of the song? One of my coworkers liked one of your other songs I was listening to, so I pointed her to your website and mentioned L&H among other songs... then had to quickly backtrack and say "nonono don't listen to the website version, actually, here's a video from her concert instead that has her singing it right ..."

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Fifth and final video from +Marian Call's Bryn Mawr concert.

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Fourth and penultimate video from +Marian Call's Bryn Mawr concert.

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Third video (of five) from +Marian Call's Bryn Mawr concert.
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