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Well, here we are. I'm in Book Launch Land so please bear with me as I re-publish some oldies but are some of your favorites.

I've had some of you write and say to me, "I feel like I should be busier. Like I should be doing more. Sometimes I feel inferior if I'm NOT super busy."

Let me tell you this, sweet sister: this doesn't make you inferior. This makes you wise.

And I'm not saying we need to say no to everything. Of course not. But I am saying if you believe the lie that you have to be busy to be worth something, then well . . . You're believing a lie.

So exhale. Build in white space. And breathe for heaven's sakes.
And now I'm going to go start doing what I tell everyone else to do...HA!

You all know I write this stuff just as much for me as I do for you, right?? <3

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Have you ever thought "We would never be friends" about another person?

Me too.

"It’s the eyes, you know. One who lives deep and has walked a curvy path can look into the eyes of any other living creature who has done the same and just know.

Kindred souls don’t have to be of the same species."

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God welcomes prodigal daughters home. Every. Single. Day.

He serves the fattened calf.

He clothes us in lovely garments.

He puts rings on our fingers.

Even despite our “stuff.” Even despite that and that and that.

“For this daughter of mine was dead and is alive again; she was lost and is found,” He said. (Luke 15:24)

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"Please remember that in the end . . . love always win.

Love came to the world in the form of a baby. Love died for you. And love lives through those who have accepted love from someone who washes over us with a grace so deep, we could almost drown."

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"Rest is not optional.

When life gets crazy and overscheduled, the first thing to go is self-care. Anyone else with me on this one?

I stay up too late, get up too early and find myself harried, haughty and helpless.

At the end of my energy rope, I fall to the pits of exhaustion and when we’re exhausted, we are most vulnerable.

Exhaustion is a breeding ground for ungratefulness, unfaithfulness and unforgiveness."

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If you've lost a fur baby, then you know . . . I once thought those who were so emotional over losing a mere animal (HA!) were over-dramatic...I have been humbled. Now I understand.

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"Instead of New Year’s resolutions, maybe we just need New Year’s solutions.

The solution to yelling is gentleness and self-control.

The solution to frustration is doing the mundane with great love.

The solution to feeling overwhelmed is to take one step at a time.

The solution for hate is kindness.

Graham Cooke calls this "moving in the opposite spirit."

I call it hope."

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Because It's Really That Simple . . .

Merry Christmas, Friends . . .

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Do you vow every year to not become frazzled by the holidays but find yourself pulling out your hair by mid-December? You're not alone, sister. Join us for the Not a Silent Night Advent Study? It's a quick and easy read of the story of Jesus' birth told through the eyes of Mary. We would love to have you be a part of this powerful study, friend!
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