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Faith Tan
Just a city girl, livin' in a dreamers world!
Just a city girl, livin' in a dreamers world!


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Korean Chicken & Beer
ChiMek - Santa Clara, California

Chicken & Beer is a Korean classic and the chicken at ChiMek definitely lived up to the hype. It was crispy, moist, and finger lickin' good! Also loved the self-serve side dish section with unlimited corn, pickled radish, salad, and rice. Tasty, tasty, tasty!
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#5 | Loss

Distorted visions dilute and shake my essence,
colors bleeding into one another
as the fluid motion of loss seeps into
the corners and spaces of our life,
permeating, leaving its scent on pillowcases
beneath blankets and upon my collarbone.

Photograph: Mike Yukhtenko
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#4 | Memories

we are two broken
sitting apart together

inside the deep craters
of the heart
lie crooked parts and trinkets
stored away
old memories that bite
as we relish them

we are too careless
enjoying them as we please

Photo by Louis Blythe on
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Love food? Consider yourself a grill-master? Here's your chance to share recipes, delicious foods, or other treats with everyone! #whatareyougrillin
Share your skill on the grill

With so many food communities and recipe collections to choose from, we’re lucky to have an abundance of chefs, food photographers, and culinary enthusiasts call Google+ home. We’re in the final stretch of summer, and now would be a great time for our foodies to share their cookout pictures, grilling recipes, and sweet treats they enjoyed this summer.

How do you enjoy grilling? What do you do to give your food that special something that leaves others amazed? We want to know!

For our international visitors, share something from your culture and inspire others to try something new. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and may share your posts with the #whatareyougrillin hashtag, so be sure to include it in your public posts.
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Be back in a jiffy!

Hello! Your friendly G+ Community Manager here. Just a heads up that I'll be on vacation for the next month or so, kicking it in my hometown of sunny Singapore. In the meantime, you'll be in the capable hands of my coworker +McKenna Taylor and your awesome Moderators, +Nina Trankova & +Azlin Bloor.

See ya soon!

Photo Credit: Hannah Persson,

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Momofuku Ramen – pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg
Momofuku - Las Vegas, NV

Got to try the famous Momofuku ramen during my last trip to Vegas and it did not disappoint! Firm and fresh noodles, good broth that was rich but not too salty, and a generous amount and variety of toppings including: seaweed, scallions, beansprouts, fishcake, shredded pork shoulder, poached egg, and DELICIOUS PORK BELLY. The pork belly was crispy around the edges and then perfectly cooked to melt-in-your-mouth level. Highly. Recommend.
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#Collections101 Recorded Video & Presentation

Our third Collections 101 was full of awesome Collections advice like how to be more consistent with posting, the importance of having an authentic tone and voice, and much much more! So if you missed the livestream, catch the recorded video here:

A big thank you to our awesome panelists: +David Amerland and +Noble
They jam-packed the panel with so many insights and words of wisdom. Don’t miss their awesome presentation, check it out here:


Got questions for our Panelists? Enjoyed the event? Leave a comment below! #Collections101

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"Remove, Report, and Ban" available for Community moderators!

If you moderate a Community, you can now efficiently and easily keep your community healthy. Enjoy!
'Remove, Report, and Ban' Post Option for Community Moderators

We're happy to announce that moderators now have better tools to keep their communities healthy and happy with a 'Remove, Report, and Ban' option on community posts. Accessed via the post overflow menu (aka three dots), the option will remove the post and member from the community, report the post to Google for us to look at, and ban the member from joining the community again.

As always, this feature is rolling out to community moderators over the next several hours. Enjoy!

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2 hours more! Click the link to watch #Collections101 at 8pm PT!

Join us as Create members +David Amerland and +Noble share their thoughts on what makes high quality Collections and how you can make them too!

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FOUR days to #Collections101
Save the date: 6/27, 8.00pm PDT (UTC-7)

Share your Collections tips & tricks for Collections 101
As we countdown to Collections 101, tell us how YOU create awesome Collections! Do you have a tried and tested method for creating engaging posts? Do you plan your content or post organically? Share YOUR tips & tricks with us using the hashtag #Collections101 for the chance to be showcased on the Google+ page!

What is Collections 101?
Want to learn how to create high quality Collections and increase your exposure on Google+? Collections 101 brings you tips on how to create Collections that stand out and insider strategies for creating great content from our expert panelists, +Noble and +David Amerland!

When is it? How do I join?
The event is June 27th, at 8.00pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). Anybody can join, just use this link to access the YouTube livestream on the day!

Got questions for our Panelists? Leave a comment below.
And if you haven’t yet, check out the Collections Community learn more about the event and Collections!
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