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Larry Kuntz
Music teacher and professional performer
Music teacher and professional performer


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Here is nice video introducing teachers to Gamification Education. My goal is to use this more in my classes next year.

I'm excited to learn more about the "Library" feature of itsLearning. I'm hoping that students will be able to use this feature to reference everything they will need to be successful in my classes.

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I'm very happy with how my new blog looks.

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Found this cool theory website for my flipped classroom.

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#EDKU9063 Adding the finishing touches on my google site and starting to work on my calendar.

#EDKU9063 Concerning the article "Why Should Schools go with Google Apps and Chromebooks?": The author has made me a believer in this technology. The advantages Google Apps and Chromebooks offer to teaching and learning are well worth the financial investment a school district would make for the Chromebooks.
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